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Friday, November 1, 2013

10/30/13 Little Long Pond

Gray and cooler but we headed for Acadia and Little Long Pond. My brother Tom had been to Acadia but had not done this hike which would be of a bit different  from yesterday's. We started down the Friends Path to the pond and then made our usual loop with the addition of Eliot Mtn. which Tom wanted to do. I only took a few pictures ( I don't know why) .

When we got to the Jordan Stream section we found the stream was low but Tom declared it pretty anyway. As we were about to get on the Asticou we met a nice man who had just retired from the park service and was out for a walk and we chatted briefly with him.

From the top of Eliot we took the trail down to Harbor Brook and met another hiker- we had never met anyone on that trail before and she was as surprised as we were.  

Kelley was happy to be back near the water

We met a couple with three dogs and briefly chatted with them ( another trail on which we seldom encounter anyone) before continuing on out.

Cooler and less sun than yesterday but still a good hike and fun for us to hike with Tom again. 4  1/4 hours


  1. I love watching Kelley in the water. We used to have a black lab and she loved the lake. Our biggest problem was that once she jumped in, she never wanted to come back and she would swim out of our bay to the main lake with us running down the shore screaming at her to come back. She was a riot. I miss her. :-(

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Kim. Kelley does love the water but is not as brave as your dog was and stays pretty close.

  2. Well the second day proved to have just as much interest and fun as the 1st. The trails we followed gave a different feel to each section, I especially liked walking near the streams--John indicated they were low and thus not as interesting but I had no basis of comparison and just enjoyed them and of course watching Kelley enjoy them as well. The second day also proved that Florida's flat beach walks are no match for the up's and downs and boulders and roots--my ankles of all things got to a point that a had to slow down to make sure I had solid footing, thus, these trails could have been done faster without my slowing them. Kelley was, however, watching out for me and making sure I did not get lost. Great hike, nice hiking weather and great company to do it with. Brother Tom

  3. Thanks for commenting, Tom. It was a great hike and you did fine. Kelley and I hope you will come back and do some more hikes with us.


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