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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6/29/15 DeMeritt Forest

Yesterday it rained all day and we just walked around the neighborhood in it. Cloudy this morning but supposed to clear. Where to go with trails not too wet? DeMeritt has the roads which are dry as well as the trails which vary.

Just as we started the sun came out.

The Red Trail is usually dry

But we have had about 3 inches of rain in the past few days and there were wet spots.

Nice lichens

We went to the end of Red and then returned .

I was undecided as to which way we should go and Kelley headed back toward the car. Once there we drove the short distance to access to the Stillwater

A pano of the river - please click for large version - the clouds have returned

Stillwater River   6-29-15

Kelley was very happy with all that water

An apple break on the bank

We then we explored a little of the river bank

And one last dip

A pretty good outing in spite of wet feet. There were few mosquitoes and no deer flies. Kelley was happy with all the water and seemed in good shape.  1  1/2 hours

Saturday, June 27, 2015

6/27/15 Perch Pond

On a previous post about Perch Pond I had a comment from someone who couldn't find it. I answered his post with directions which can be found here.

Another nice day. sunny and around 70. We started from the North Trail head but followed the old woods road next to the trail because it was sunny and I hoped for some flowers or insects ( the fairly dense woods trails have none). Problem was lots of annoying deer flies - they even bothered Kelley who usually just ignores them.

We had another open stretch but the small pond gave Kelley some relief.

Once we got on the woods trails there were no flies and we stuck to those trails except for that short stretch by the pond on the way back. The trail along the large pond also did not have flies.

One wildflower

Leading the way back to the car on the North Trail, not the woods road.

A nice day except for the deer flies and we were able to avoid them most of the way. Kelley prefers the narrow woods trails anyway and seemed to have no difficulties. 2  1/4 hour

Friday, June 26, 2015

6/25/15 Hidden Ponds

Another beautiful day - a tad warmer ( low 70's) and sunny. Few mosquitoes and no deer flies until we got to the lake and encountered flies that acted like deer flies but were much bigger and differently colored. I had trouble with the contrasty light in the woods so I'm not very happy with those pictures.

Start of the trail

A small stream crossing the trail gave Kelley some water

We met a nice woman with her two dogs and had a brief chat about local trails. We met no one the rest of the hike.

A pano of tilden pond - please click for large version

Tilden Pond  6-25-15

Another shot of Tilden

At the end of Tilden we took the short trail to Spring River Lake. It was quite wet in places, which was OK with Kelley.

But even better when we reached the lake.

We didn't stay long because of the flies and headed back the way we had come.

A weed at Tilden

On the way back Kelley wanted to take the trail to Salmon Pond- we usually have lunch there.

We did have lunch and I got my first dragonfly- unfortunately on a light colored rock.

Almost back and one more water chance

A nice hike in spite of the flies. Kelley seemed enthusiastic but was a little stiff when we got home. something easy tomorrow. 2  3/4 hours 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/24/15 Catherine Mountain

Yesterday rained all day again but today is beautiful - sunny 60's with a little breeze to keep the bugs down.

Some ferns at the start of the trail

 A view of Caribou from the trail

Not a lot of water along this trail but all the rain had left some puddles  for Kelley

Another view from the trail which is mostly fairly dense woods with sections of open granite ledge.

Not sure what these are about but have been there a long time.

Going down the other side of the mountain you come to a short spur which takes you to Catherine Cliffs where we had our apple break

A panoramic shot from the cliffs - please click for larg view

View  from  Catherine Cliffs pano   6-24-15

Waiting patiently

Some things we found on the way back

End of a limb

Another swallowtail

 Shadow on lichen covered rock

A nice hike - Kelley was enthusiastic, leading the way most of the time. 2 hours