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Friday, December 30, 2016

12/29/16 City Forest

Twenty three degrees, cloudy, and snow predicted. We hadn't been to the forest in quite awhile ( Kelley got bored with it) so a nice close hike.

We started out on the West Trail which turned out to be very icy.

but Kelley found a small stream that was flowing

More ice

and another stream.

Not much color this time of year

When we got to the end of West Trail we went down to check the old rail bed. Sometime in the past someone had run a snowmobile down it and left us a nice firm snowy path. Decided to do our old loop even though didn't know the condition of the side trail we would need to get back to West and our car.

Another weed

Resting while I took the picture

Side trail proved to be in good shape with packed snow and very little ice.

Last years fern

Not much water but she'll take it.

Turned out better than expected after the icy start. The woods were pretty and we had more trail without ice than with ( Kelley doesn't like ice either)  . She did well though we didn't meet anyone on the trails ( we had seen a man in the parking lot). 2 hours

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12/27/16 Perch Pond

Thirty four degrees and mostly sunny. We were going to do the new trails but the little parking spot had not been plowed and I was afraid of getting stuck so we went back to the North Trail.

Surprised at how much snow was still on the ground. They had done some grooming and that snow was 3 or 4 inches deep while beside it was 5 to 7. The crust on the trail was mostly firm enough to support Kelley.

Stuff on the snow

Taking a break while I take the next picture

Only some of the trails had been groomed - we found the small sledge they had pulled - so we didn't make it to the big pond. The small pond was ice, slush, and water.

Not to be deterred.

Turned out to be a nice hike if we stayed on the groomed trails- no one had recently been on any of the trails and the ungroomed were a bit of a slog. Kelley did very well and also liked the groomed trail - off and in the deeper snow she would break through. 1  1/2 hours 

Monday, December 26, 2016

12/25/16 Harbor Brook

Thirty one and sunny but quite windy. Headed for this trail because the woods would protect us from the wind and there would be water for Kelley.

This turned out to be a challenging hike because there were many sections of ice and not always on the flat. I was glad to have had ice grippers in my pack.

But there was water for Kelley

and a couple of interesting stumps

The other challenges, lots of downed trees and brush and they had been working on the trail and didn't always leave off cleanly . Kelley had some large work arounds but she is good at them.

Part of the work involves new bog bridges. Kelley is wary of them, she was on this one but others she just walks beside.

A little more color

and one last dip

Not the hike we had envisioned but a nice challenge. Kelley did very well in spite of the work arounds and ice, which she didn't like either. I managed to not fall but had my eyes on my footing more than usually.  We also had the place to ourselves - who else would be out here? 1  1/2 hours 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

12/23/16 Downtown Bangor - Small Post

I did not feel like driving so we just went downtown to walk. We started along the river and it was nice and sunny. This is from the little park. I don't think I have seen the river completely frozen over. Kelley was disappointed that she could not get in the water.

Further along I found this snow on a stone wall which reminded me of an old Chinese or Japanese  landscape.

Eventually we came to a stretch not open to the public and walked up to the main street to loop back. We met several nice  people and one dog that Kelley got to greet and that made up, a bit, for no water.

About half way on our walk it began to cloud up and was completely cloud by the time we got back.

A pleasant walk with comfortable temperatures. Tomorrow we will go where there is water.  1  1/2 hours 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

12/21/16 Little Long Pond

Nice sunny day and we decided to try one of Kelley's favorites. It's warmer on the coast and we were hoping for less crusty snow and ice on the trails. Mid 30's when we got there so it looked good.

Unfortunately the pond was frozen

but we found some water where a small stream runs out of the pond and into the ocean.

Just some lichen

Another spot where Kelley usually gets in - frozen

After crossing the meadow we got into the woods and a small stream was still running. The trail had almost no snow and very little ice.

When we got to where the West Trail meets the Jordan Stream Trail there was lots of water.

Kelley was doing so well, I decided we would do the trail to Cobblestone Bridge and loop back on the east side.

There was more snow and a lot more ice on this trail and it took awhile for Kelley to find  to find entrance to the stream

We made it almost to the bridge and came to an icy slope that I had trouble getting up and that stopped Kelley. I couldn't find a way around as the banks there are a steep climb. Giving up we backtracked to a trail that took us to the carriage road on the east side.

The meadow viewed from the carriage road.

When we got back to our starting point a bit of the pond had melted and Kelley got a drink.

Beautiful day and Kelley did very well. She was probably disappointed that we didn't meet anyone until a man and his dog at the end of our hike--very unusual as we normally meet several people and dogs on the carriage road -- and that much of the water was frozen. 2  1/4 hours