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Friday, January 31, 2014

1/31/14 Newport-Dover-Foxcroft Rail-Trail

Gray and cold- 19 degrees- but supposed to warm up. By the time we got to the trail it was mostly sunny and that was nice. We expected the snow to have deteriorated and we would not have to share the trail with snowmobiles. But, even though only 35 miles north of home, they still had lots of snow ( more than we do)  and the trail was in good shape. We parked at the Irving and started south. After a short distance we crossed a bridge over the Piscataquis River.

The trail is mostly through woods, with some marshy areas.

You can see how nice the surface was- packed snow and no ice- very easy walking

A stream we crossed

There were a fair number of snowmobiles and one skate skier but no other walkers. Kelley seemed to enjoy the nice surface but made occasional forays into the deeper snow and sometimes walked in it. After about an hour and a quarter we turned around. We did one short exploration of a side trail that Kelley wanted to do but it led us to a large field and then toward someones house. I did see these trees I liked

One weed

A pleasant hike even with the snowmobiles- it warmed up to 29 by the time we finished and it was nice to have not a speck of ice to deal with  2  3/4 hours

Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/30/14 Sheepscot Headwaters

Cold but sunny and no wind ( it warmed up to the twenties) . Still unsure about parking we had three possible hikes in the Montville area , thinking we would be able to do one of them. Our first choice had a parking lot and the entrance was clear. We hiked up the hill to the Northern Headwaters Trail and found it had received use by both hikers and skiers. Good footing, with packed snow and very little ice

There are a number of old stone fences in the area and these are in pretty good repair.

We turned off on the Hemlock Hollow Trail and found, at first , that no one had used it since the last snow

After awhile a single set of ski tracks appeared  from the woods, went on for awhile, and again left the trail. We were back on unused trail. The footing was also good with snow over a firm crust. These trails are well blazed and easy to follow. Also, Kelley is very good at following trails and if she is ahead all I have to do is follow her.

We took the Hogback Connector to the Bog Brook Trail which was , at first unused

but just before the spur trail there were tracks from another hiker who had come that far and then turned around and they went on to just after the trail crossed the stream. There we got off the trail and sat by the frozen marsh for our lunch. We followed the Bog Brook to the Whitten Hill and took that back to our start.

A nice hike. Comfortable temperatures and pretty peaceful woods- we met no one and heard no sounds of civilization. Kelley had no difficulty with the terrain, though there was no water for her to get into.  2  3/4 hours

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/29/14 City Forest

About 12 degrees but with sun and little wind. Back to the forest because we went with a friend and her two dogs and she wanted to go- she also has four wheel drive and studded tires ( see yesterdays post ) . We walked the West Trail to it's end and the the rail bed to an unnamed trail back to the West Trail. The footing was mostly good with some easily got around icy patches on the West and a little rougher footing on the rail bed- nothing really bad. The dogs all seemed to enjoy the outing. Roxie was very energetic, running all over the place as usual. Gus did his exploring thing and Kelley mostly stayed close to us. I didn't take my camera out once so no pictures. An enjoyable hike 1  3/4 hours

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/14 City Forest

Ten degrees and the rain from yesterday is now a coating of ice. We thought our best choice was City Forest. It was icy, cold, and windy but the sun was out. My Stabilicers  worked fine and the walking wasn't bad. Kelley doesn't like ice either and she also did OK, detouring around patches of the very slick variety. We  took the West Trail and met two women, with their dogs, that we had met before and the dogs had all got along. Today Kelley hung back to avoid them even though they were friendly toward her. No idea what that was all about. At the end of West we got on the old rail bed and took that to the trail we had used yesterday to get back to West. Just outside the parking lot we met Pete and Cadie a new friend of Kelley's . Cadie is till a pup and has a lot more energy but Kelley played for awhile

Kelley decided to rest and Cadie continued to try to get her playing again.

Pete and Cadie went on their hike and we went to the car. The road from the parking lot is up a hill and it was very icy. Part way up I lost traction, the car started sliding back, did a complete turn, and I was head back to the lot. On the second attempt, I again slid back but this time into the snow beside the road and I was stuck. A nice man stopped to try to help but couldn't get enough traction to pull me out- it took him several tries to get his truck up the hill. We tried sand and branches but no luck- then Pete came by and he had a phone to call a tow truck which is how I finally got up the hill. A 1  1/2 hour hike and about the same time to get up the hill.

Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 Demeritt Forest

Gray and cold ( 19 degrees ) with a forecast of snow and rain and a high of 41 high tomorrow of 14 degrees.  Strange weather continues. We first drove to the trails near Perch Pond but still could not get in the parking lot or find a place off the road for the car. OK, back to Demeritt Forest where we were able to park a few days ago. As we drove, freezing rain started, making it difficult to see but it stopped by the time we got to the forest. We followed the path indicated above with the idea of sorting out the Black Trails at the other end. We were able to follow the map to the first major intersection of those trails and thought we were doing well until it started to rain ( lightly) and we turned back leaving the rest for another day.The rain remained light and we met a couple with three dogs and that made Kelley happy. The walking was mostly pretty good as there had been a fair amount of use. The Black Trail had the least use and was more of a slog. They seemed to have got more snow they we had. It was pretty with the latest snow still on the trees.

So, a pretty good hike- damp but not soaked- the rain became heavier on the drive home. Kelley seemed to like it and spent a lot of time sniffing around- the snow did not seem to be a deterrent.  2 hours

Sunday, January 26, 2014

1/26/14 City Forest

The weird weather continues. We woke to about 3 inches of new snow and a temperature of 22 degrees. By the time I cleaned the drive and we got to the forest the temperature had dropped to 9 degrees with some wind. Just under 12 now ( about 3 pm ) with a forecast low of  4 but a high tomorrow of  41 and snow. Very strange.

We started from the Kittredge Rd. parking lot and it was nice to find Main Rd. no longer icy but with a nice snow cover.

We only use a short piece of it to get to the West Trail which had good footing and new clean white snow.

We followed that to it's end and then got on the old rail bed. This was not as nice footing because there had not been as much use prior to this last snow and it was bumpier and not as well packed- still not too bad.

We took a trail different from or usual trail back to West. It had no recent use but was mostly even and firm. It was also pretty.

A nice hike in spite of the cold- the woods mostly protected us from the wind.  1 1/2 hours

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 Marsh Island

Warmer ( 19 degrees) but gray with snow predicted . Other places we checked had, in addition to snow, possible rain and wind advisories were posted so we stayed in the area. We had not been here in awhile and didn't know what trail conditions we would encounter. We found them mostly pretty good, with snow over a mostly firm crust. There were stretches where there had not been much traffic that were a bit rougher but still not bad- and no ice. All of it easy for Kelley. She was disappointed to find the pond she uses near the start frozen over. I found a few things that stood out against the snow.

We walked the trail along the Penobscot to the marshy area

and turned back. As we started back we met another hiker and Kelley was happy to greet him. The snow started on our way back. We also met another man and his dog so Kelley got to greet them too- happy girl. By the time we got back near the car the snow was coming down more heavily

One more picture before we reached the car

A pretty good hike which Kelley seemed to enjoy as she was enthusiastic throughout. 2 hours.

As I write this it is snowing hard and it looks like we already have more than the 2 inches predicted. Very pretty.

Friday, January 24, 2014

1/24/14 Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Trail

Three degrees, light wind, and sun. I had an appointment this morning so we got a late start. Decided to try the trail behind our house. It's a utility easement but is usually used by snowmobiles- not yet this year - and it connects to other trails that go on for miles. Very nice to just go out the door and have miles of trails- the first short part is through neighborhood but then becomes more isolated. The first part was a little lumpy - no one had used it- but that was short and the real trail had been used by snowmobiles- although not since the last snow. We had a nice firm crust covered with 2 or 3 inches of snow and no ice - nice walking. A first there were the tracks of a lone walker and then after him a deer, and then a skier and parts had been used by no one . We walked for an hour and then turned back. Kelley was happy to be out- I think she thought I had left her behind when I was gone earlier - and it was easy walking for her too. There was one frozen stream that she had to work around the steep bank but that was  the only difficulty. I only took two pictures- of the same fence. I thought the paint was chipped but when I looked more closely I saw it was small lichen. Not very exciting but all there is.

A pretty good two hour hike. Once I got moving I was comfortable and  for Kelley the cold never seems to be a problem

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1/23/14 City Forest

Another very cold morning so back to nearby City Forest. We waited until it got up to +1 and today we had sun and little wind so it felt more pleasant than yesterday. We took the West Trail to it's end ( good footing ) and then the old rail bed. It was a bit bumpy at the very start but then there were only animal tracks and we had a nice firm surface with a couple of inches of snow on top and then no tracks at all - nice walking . We walked to within sight of Forest Ave and then turned around and went back to Main Rd. and the the Loop Rd. We had met no one until we met Keturah and her person- we see them fairly frequently- and it made Kelley happy to see both of them.

The only picture from today as I was having trouble with the camera again.

When we got to the parking lot we met Pete and his dog  Cadie, a friend  Kelley  likes to rough house with. I didn't get any  picture today so using two from a previous hike- similar goings on today

So, a good day for Kelley - good walking , people, and dogs. And I enjoyed it too.  2 hours

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/22/14 Walden Parke

Gray and cold  -1 with wind chill warnings. OK, this is not going to be a long hike. We went to Walden and did the Loop Trail. Mostly the footing was good-some of the rail bed part was a bit rough but not that bad. Kelley seemed to be invigorated by the cold and was excited- running ahead and doing lots of sniffing. Even the little stream coming out of the beaver pond an an ice covering so no water today. We also met no people or dogs- another thing Kelley really likes. Only a couple of ice pictures- too cold to get the camera out and take off mitts. I don't think the camera likes the cold either as yesterday settings were spontaneously altered and that has not happened before. Yesterday was near the same temperature but with sun and no wind- this was a huge difference and felt like we were in a Jack London story. However,we got in an hour hike.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 City Forest

Cold - 1 degree above zero, but sun and no wind. Didn't want to do a long drive, not knowing how Kelley would be today, so it was back to City Forest. We started from the Kittredge Rd. parking lot and Kelley seemed a little stiff ( it's hard to tell because she always has a gait that is a bit off)  but quickly got into the hike and seemed fine throughout. We took the West Trail  ( in good shape) to the side trail we use to get to the rail bed- no one had been on it but is was still pretty good. The rail bed was a bit lumpy and the crust din't always hold me- fine for Kelley- so it was my least favorite section. When we went back into the forest I decided to take the Main and Loop roads - they were the best surface with only a couple of inches of the new snow and lots of foot traffic - out of continued concern for Kelley. We went from the Loop Rd. back to West Trail to complete the hike.

Loop Road

West Trail

Turned out to be a good hike. Kelley did not seem to have a problem, once we got moving I was comfortable with the temperature, and it was pretty with the snow and sun. We didn't meet anyone and having it to ourselves was very peaceful. 1  3/4 hours

Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 City Forest

Cold gray morning with 2 or 3 inches of snow to be shoveled from the drive. Not enough snow to even out the trails and subdue the ice so we went to the forest. We walked down to the beaver pond- frozen except for a tiny corner - open enough for Kelley to get a drink but not for her to get in.

We started down the West Trail and though a bit rough with ice hiding under the snow it was pretty.

Kelley was kind of lagging behind and not showing a lot of enthusiasm and then several times she laid down in the trail and I had to call her to catch up

I decided she was telling me she didn't want to hike, something she had not done before and we turned back. She then picked up the pace so I presumed I had guessed right. She had been anxious to be off when we left the house so I don't know what's going on. She seems fine otherwise. 1/2 hour