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Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/12/14 Walden Park

Mixed sun and clouds and 42. We had ha a day and a half of rain and above freezing temperatures. We decided to check out the trails at Walden that had been in pretty good shape before the rain. We started at 9:10 and the first part of the trail was very icy but it got better when we got on the actual Loop Trail- I still stopped and put on my ice grippers- Kelley thought that since I took off my pack it was time to eat. If I stayed in the center of the trail where there had been traffic the crust supported me and the walking was pretty good.

Still a lot of snow

The rail bed was also pretty good if I stayed in the middle- Kelley was supported across the trail. Then we tried the trail we use to get to West Trail in City Forest - I wanted to check out the City Forest trails- and didn't get far. The trail had had little use and the crust would not support me. Back on the rail bed the footing  remained  pretty good and got even better when we got to the section used by snowmobiles- though  not recently.

Kelley found water!  She couldn't get very deep because the water was atop the still frozen pools.

We reached a point where the snowmobiler turned off and the walking was more difficult as the crust didn't support me. We turned back and when we got to the turn for the snowmobile trail Kelley wanted to take that trail ( she always does) . I knew it was not going to be good but it's not that long so I let her have her way. It was the worst part of the hike- the crust didn't even support Kelley and I wondered if she could have second thoughts.

Back on the loop trail

conditions had improved and the trail was less icy.

Last time in the water- she had been in six times

The last part of the trail was much improved during our two hour hike and was much less icy. I expect it got even better later. We had met no one on our hike but we met our friends Joanne and Sophie in the parking lot. Joanne  did not have ice grippers and decide not to do the trails but  Kelley and Sophie  got to play a bit  and that was good. Not a bad hike in spite of the varied conditions and a much better day than the rainy yesterday.


  1. I love that Kelley got her dips in the water. It's always a wonder to me how they tolerate that icy water. Do you have to dry her off good before she gets in the car?

    1. Hi Kim- she was really pleased - the last few hikes she has looked at the places she usually goes in the water and was frustrated. I don;t dry her off 'till we get home and then she 's not all that excited about the process. Nice in summer when she can lay outside in the sun when we get home.

  2. Sounds like a work out-- nice for Kelley to get some water.

    1. Hi Faith- Not he best conditions but better than being at home and it made Kelley happy

  3. yahoo! Kelley got to have a swim! She looks very happy.


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