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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1/1/14 Walden Parke

Cold and sunny. -1 degree when we started and 11 at the end. At least there was no wind and Kelley was happy to be out. Not the best pictures today because of the extreme contrast. I also got some weird color- the cold?

We took the southern part of the loop trail and it had a fair amount of traffic in spite of all of the trees still across the trail

When we got to the rail bed we turned south and were soon confronted with an used trail.

We tried a little piece of the trail we usually take over to West Trail in the forest but it was also a slog and we turned back.

Kelley took a break while I decided which direction to take.

We took the rail bed to the northern part of the Loop Trail. It had less use than I remembered from the other day

 Still lots of trees to get around

We somehow ended up on a trail with had had no traffic. I didn't remember this from the other day either.

We were soon back on the part of the trail that leads from parking to the actual loop and were glad of it.

Kelley was taking little rests which is not like her and I thought she must be tired. We were almost back to the car. It had been sunny and pretty but cold- I used some hand warmers for the first time this winter and a bit of a slog at times but we got in an hour and three quarters and were glad we had.


  1. A fantastic montage of your adventure, welcome on board for Janathon :)

  2. Nice wintry photos. I love the one of Kelley with snow on her face! :)

  3. I like the same shot Linda liked. We're getting snow today - 11.5" so far and its still coming down.

    1. Hi Kim- we are getting more snow too, but the cold is the larger problem, -7 now with wind chills predicted to be -24 - Kelley doesn't seem to mind but I do.

  4. The arches over the trail are very pretty, although I am sure annoying at times

    1. Hi Faith- they are both- but more pretty than annoying.


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