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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31/12 The Neighborhood

We have had days of rain ( with a few more forecast) and have just been doing walks around the neighborhood or downtown. We are both ready for some dry weather but are thankful we did not get the terrible destruction those south of us did. Yesterday,  in the mail, I received a camera from an old friend and on today's walk ( stopped raining for awhile) I tried it out. This was not the ideal situation as I had Kelley on a leash while trying to manipulate the unfamiliar controls and she was really into sniffing and exploring.

The results of our 1 1/2 hour walk

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10/27/12 Bangor

Just a walk around town today.  More subtle colors in the leaves now.

In a sheltered spot we even found some flowers

Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/26/12 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds and Bald Bluff

Cold, gray, and foggy. I didn't feel like a long drive to hike in that so we went back to Amherst. We started with the Partridge Pond Trail and by the time we got there it was nice and sunny.

The trails were still quite wet with pools of water and the small streams had water but Kelley was really happy to reach the Partridge Pond.

We then backtracked  to the trail for Ducktail Pond and walked to it.

Back to the trail head and we decided to drive a few miles further on to the Bald Bluff Mtn. Trail. That trail starts off as an old woods road and it was pretty today too.

This trail is not long and has good footing but some short steep sections  ( but no problems for Kelley) . The summit area is "bald" but trees obscure the view.

Starting down the other side there is a ledge that offers some views - with trees

On the way back we took a side trail to the overlook which offers more open views.

 I am always impressed with how nature manages to prevail in seemingly inhospitable places

This turned out to be a pretty day and a very pleasant hike. 3 hours.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/24/12 Little Long Pond - Cedar Swamp Mountain

We did this hike with Jill and Kelley's newest friend Ellie. A little nippy to start but it turned into a near perfect hiking day. We started from the parking lot and took the Friendship Path down to the pond. We soon met a dog and owner we had previously met so we were off to a good start.We followed the pond to the Jordan Stream Trail. The water was high and we had to get around some small pools. Kelley was, of course, happy with all the water. Ellie likes the water too but perhaps not quite as much as Kelley.

When we reached the cobblestone bridge we took carriage roads to the Asticou and that to the Sargent S. Ridge Trail. Our goal was not Sargent but Cedar Swamp Mountain about a mile and a half up the trail. This trail has some nice views on the way up.

From Cedar swamp Mtn summit, looking north.

Jill trying to get Ellie and Kelley to pose for a picture.

We walked back the way we had come to the Asticou with the shortening days evident

and then took the carriage roads back to our car. It had been a very nice hike with lots of variety. The dogs both seemed to enjoy it  and got along well together. Kelley seemed to be a little lame near the end but is ok this morning.  5  1/4 hours.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/23/12 Walden and City Forest

Cool but sunny and it seemed like a good time for an easy day so we went to Walden/ City Forest and wandered the trails for 2 1/4 hours. It's looking pretty wintery with the color gone and most leaves on the on the ground.

There was lots of water around and we met some people and dogs and  Kelley was happy to be in the woods.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/22/12 Fitts Pond - Blackcap

I thought Kelley had been a bit tentative the last couple of days so decided to try an easier approach to Blackcap Mountain. There is a road to the summit towers used by vehicles that service them ( we had never walked it) . I thought we would take the road up, walk the ridge, and then take the trail down to the pond and continue around the pond. The road was right next to the trail head at the end of the pond and looked quite pleasant.

Unfortunately this was not the correct road and took us to a clearing used for camping. We did find a green blazed trail leading out of the clearing and took that. It was steep and rocky and we soon came to a spot Kelley couldn't manage with no way around and turned back. We looked for a bushwhack the rest of the way up but it was mostly very steep sheets of granite. So we backtracked.

Back at the camping area we saw what looked like another trail and took that, planning to descend to the pond. That soon petered out and we ended up bushwhacking down to the pond. The trail here was both very wet in spots and rocky with lots of work arounds for Kelley ( for the rocks) and me ( for the water) .

Fitts Pond from the north

Kelley was, of course, happy with water everywhere

Looking across the pond

We continued along the shore of the pond, this trail was easier than that on the other side. until we were back near our car. Kelley had another swim. The pond from the south

I thought Kelley would have had enough but as we passed the trail head for the pond trail she indicated she wanted to go on that trail so we did  a bit of it -up to the trail up the mountain we usually take. This trail was less rocky but very wet.

Back at the pond for one last swim for Kelley and a picture for me.

An interesting hike. Kelley remained enthusiastic- mostly leading the way, and showed no signs of discomfort.  2  3/4 hours

Monday, October 22, 2012

10/21/12 Bangor

Almost  four inches of rain in the last couple of days so we went downtown to avoid the soggy trails. I let Kelley pick the route and that naturally led to the river.

Some of the things we saw.

A pleasant hour and and a half  ( no rain) and people for Kelley to greet as well as one huge friendly dog.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/19/12 Little long Pond

Rain in the forecast again and I have an early appointment to have my car looked at ( on MDI ) . After the car we went to the pond to try to get in a hike ahead of the rain .

We did our usual start from the parking lot on 3 and took the Friends Path down to the pond where Kelley met the first of many dogs of the hike - another water lover.

One shot of the pond from the end while Kelley enjoyed the water

We followed the trail along the west shore and had these views

We took the Jordan Stream Trail up to the bridge and then the carriage road back down to the trail along the east side for this view of the other side.

One of Kelley's favorite hikes , along with all the water we met several nice people and dogs. I got to chat a bit and Kelley got to socialize with all of the dogs. A very pleasant hike ( a no rain)  2 hours