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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7/6/15 A Visit to the Beaver Pond

I had to pick up a friend at the airport at midday and it was already in the mid 80's so we just went to the beaver pond at City Forest for Kelley. She got to enjoy the water and I looked for pictures while she swam.


Queen Anne's Lace


 Two clovers

and a butterfly.

Kelley seemed very happy to just spend time in the pond and not walk. We will do better tomorrow.

Monday, July 6, 2015

7/5/15 Eliot Mt. and Harbor Brook

Today we decided to skip the new trail and do the loop we usually do.

Start of the trail

No ponds or streams on this section but Kelley finds water anyway - beside the trail

  a little further along

The summit is wooded without views but you get a glimpse of the ocean from a ledge near the top.

From the other side of Eliot we took the Asticou to Harbor Brook - real water at last.

The trail swings away from the brook for a short distance ( mostly it's very close to the stream)  but crosses a small stream.

While she was in the water I found two White Admirals huddled together.

Kelley was in the brook numerous times and for some short stretches walked along in the water beside me on the trail. She was also able to find pools deep enough to swim.

Couldn't decide which of these I liked best so I'm posting them both.

A beautiful day but it did warm up into the lower 80's after a start of about 70. We rarely meet anyone on these trails but near the end we met two nice women who had hiked it several times and said we were the first they had ever met.  2  1/2 hours

Sunday, July 5, 2015

7/4/15 Kenduskeag River Trail

Garden work and indoor plants maintenance - a good day for an easy one for Kelley. We went to the nearby Kenduskeag River. The trail starts a couple of miles from home and follows the stream downton to the Penobscot.

Start of the trail

A shot of the stream

There were lots of wildflowers

Some rapids

and more wildflowers

Kelley enjoyed the water (all the pictures were out of focus)  and meeting people along the way but was not very energetic so it seemed an easy day was appropriate. Still a pleasant walk in the park. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

7/3/15 Newport- Dover- Foxcroft Rail-Trail

Kelley had her yearly check up at her vet in Newport so we did the nearby rail-trail. We started from Moose Head Trail and walked about an hour and then returned. Except where the trail comes near the lake it's pretty much a walk in the woods and not the most interesting hike we do. Today there were a bunch of ATVs and though they were considerate, slowing and giving us wide berth, the noisy traffic  was a distraction. On the plus side there were few mosquitoes and no deer flies.


Kelley found some water in a ditch

But when we reached the section near the lake

 She was very happy

Some wildflowers that are not in good focus but I like the colors so...

Another place to get in the lake

and some reeds

I think this trail is more interesting in winter but we did get our exercise and it was a nice day.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

7/2/15 City Forest

Mostly sunny and around 70 with some breeze. We started at our usual spot and did the loop we often do.  Very few deer flies on the West Trail but they were a problem on the old rail bed section of our hike. We met several people and that made Kelley happy.

First stop the beaver pond

There were lots of flowers and in spite of the breeze got some that were not out of focus.

Yellow Crown Vetch

Lots of water because of all the rain we've had.

I don't know what all these insects are

Another spot for Kelley

More Crown Vetch

 I didn't notice the crab spider until I processed the picture.

A good day in spite of the deer flies. 2 hours

7/1/15 Essex Woods

Rainy morning. We just went to the nearby woods for an hour. I kept my camera dry with a poop bag from the dog park. There was only one dog at the park and Kelley went in to greet it and it was friendly and wanted to play but Kelley wanted to walk so we headed down to the old rail bed.

Lots for me to photograph

and Kelley found some water

The rain was light and there were no bugs. Kelley got to greet a few people and dogs and we got a little exercise.