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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8/23/16 Newman Hill-Hinds

Pleasant morning in the lower 70's with a little breeze to keep the bugs down. We got rain and cooler temperatures yesterday.

We took a little different route today as Kelley wanted a particular trail we hadn't done in a long time. There was water for Kelley and wildflowers for me, though wind made closeups difficult.


Part of Pine Pond - for some reason she stayed next to the shore and wouldn't give me a clear shot


Poorly exposed but....

a bit of lichen on a tree branch

Don't know this one

  Small pond next to Black Pond ( not on the map)

Locks on the gate across the old rail bed

Too soon

more flowers I don't know

Nice outing. Kelley did well and we had the place to ourselves. 1  3/4 hours

8/20/16 Little Long Pond

A little late with this one. So briefly - it's been so dry around here we headed for the pond where we sure of water.

We started at the end of the pond

From the meadow on the west side

From the meadow into the woods

where Kelley found a muddy little stream

and nice water when we got to Jordan Stream

Coming back on the east side carriage road we met people and their dogs, which always pleases Kelley.

Last swim before we head home.

Pretty nice little hike. Kelley did well, no bugs, comfortable temperatures. 1 3/4 hours 

Friday, August 19, 2016

8/18/16 Branch Lake

Supposed to get to 85 today and so we headed for the coast. I wasn't enthusiastic about the long drive and so we stopped at Branch Lake which was much closer ( it was only 70 degrees at that point).

Right at the start two butterflies - I have seen few this year.

White Admiral

Viceroy - thought I had my first Monarch of the year but when I looked on the computer saw it was the mimic

The first little stream still had water

But when we came to the larger stream it was dry.

Where's the water?

In the lake

We went to the point where the loop heads away from the lake and turned around. We had been looking for the canoe launch indicated on the map and never found it. Looking up the lake we could see what looked like canoes so we decided to check it out. This involved bushwhacking off the trail for awhile and Kelley was not very enthusiastic. What we came to was someone's house. The man was outside and surprised to see us but introduced himself and was very nice - said no one else had ever come through there and congratulated us.  He had a different map which showed the launch in a slightly different spot. Kelley wandered off and found lake access .When  she returned we headed back the way we had come.

A section of bog bridge on the way back.

Another little pool

Tiny flower - about 1/2 inch across.

A little adventure with some unexpected aspects. Kelley did well and there were very few bugs. 80 when we got back to the car and it would reach 85 a little later. 2 hours 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/15/16 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

Mix of sun and clouds with temps in the 70's but quite humid. Last time we were here deer flies were fairly numerous and annoying - today there were none and few mosquitoes. Kelley was off to a slow start but got into it as we proceeded.

Seems too early

I'm not crossing that. Usually she just finds a way around but today she sat down first.

There are a couple of small streams that cross the trail a small pool. Today they were all dry.  and this was the first water she found.

Section of trail

Partridge Pond

The dry area in the picture above is usually a small stream that we walk through to get to the ledge on the other side.

and usually have an apple break

and more water

Wintergreen in Reindeer Lichen on the way to Ducktail

Ducktail Pond

Last water for today

Pretty good hike. Kelley did OK after a slow start but I think the humidity bothered her- it did me. 2 hours