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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9/19/17 City Forest

Cloudy with rain predicted so we just went to City Forest for about an hour.

Leaves are just starting to turn

While Kelley enjoys the water I look around for things to photograph

Only one branch had turned

last chance at the pond

  and a last look as we head up the hill

Kelley did OK today but was not overly enthusiastic. I thought an hour was enough.

Monday, September 18, 2017

9/17/17 Little Long Pond

Forecast is for 80's but only 70 at Acadia so that's where we headed. Overcast when we left home and then fog on the way with sun when we got to the pond and upper 60's - pretty nice. . This is another of Kelley's favorite hikes because of the water and I hoped that would get her enthused.

First things first

Obligatory shot of the pond

Kelley usually gets in at the SW corner - today the water was very low - this is usually all under water.

Another shot of the pond as we near the woods

Just a stop for a drink here.

Into the Jordan Stream from where we took the trail across to the carriage road.

And one last dip before we head home.

Kelley did well though she slowed a bit for the last part of this 2 hour hike. Took us a bit longer today because of all the dogs we met. Was glad we had made the drive because was into the 80's when we got home. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

9/15/17 Little River

Forecast was for sunny skies but we got overcast, clouds, and some sprinkles. Had not been here in some time and thought that and the water would entice Kelley. Today we went a little ways past the spillway on the first reservoir before we turned around.

View from the parking area

First place Kelley can get in the water

She did well today but mostly followed rather than led.

Still some wildflowers

A section of the river between the two reservoirs. Kelley is among the leaves at lower left.

Getting a little ragged

A bit of the rain on this one

Part of reservoir 2

One last swim.

A pleasant hour and three quarters. we usually don.t meet anyone on this trail but met a man with two dogs and a woman with a young very friendly dog. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

9/13/17 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

Sunny and 70 degrees. Kelley was not very enthusiastic but we didn't hike yesterday so I wanted her to get a little exercise today.

Fall is near but there were still a few wildflowers

Starting out Kelley was lagging behind

As we neared the beaver pond she smelled the water and took the lead

Like elsewhere the water was low

but there was a place to get in it

Heading back

A little less than an hour but pleasant and she got some exercise.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9/11/17 Harbor Brook

Sunny with mid 70's so headed for one of Kelley's favorites. The wildflowers are about over so just a few pictures of the stream and Kelley enjoying it.

I thought we had had a lot of rain recently but the stream was still quite low.

A very pleasant hour and a quarter  hike. Kelley did well and ,once again, we had the woods to ourselves.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

9/9/17 Hidden Ponds

Mix of sun and clouds and upper 60's. Ideal hiking except for some ominous thunder which made Kelley nervous  ( the rain held off until late afternoon when we were home)

Start of the trail looks like an old woods road

followed by a boggy section

and first chance at the water

Salmon Pond - Kelley couldn't find a way in on this end


but got into Mud Pond

This bush had one bright red branch while the rest of it was still green.

Another part of Salmon Pond

Little Long Pond

I was surprised by the variety of flowers still about.

but leaves are turning

Last chance for water before the car

This turned out to be a very nice hour and three quarter hike. Kelley did better than she has in a long time - often taking the lead. We had the place to ourselves - there was a truck in the parking lot but we met no one