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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/17/17 Harbor Brook

Still lots of ice around here making it difficult to find places to hike. Decided the best chance was back to Acadia and try Harbor Brook. It had been icy last time here but since then we did Little long Pond and found the trails there good.
Twenty three degrees and sunny with little wind.

Lots of ice in the stream

and some new blow downs - there were several other places Kelley had to find a way around.

The trails were in good shape with only a few tiny patches of ice.


The trail has some erosion problems and they are building some new sections.

Lots of ice pictures on the way

One of two bridges under construction- don't know where the trails will go but good news.

It was hard for Kelley, because of icy banks, to find places she could get in the water but she managed several times.

More ice

Another view of the stream

and a little color

A pretty good hike. It was comfortable and Kelley did well but it was more work for her than usual with the workarounds. 1  1/2 hours

Monday, January 16, 2017

1/15/17 Snowmobile Trail Along the Kenduskeag

Still have some snow and ice near home  which means iffy trails, but didn't feel like a long drive so back to this nearby trail. 23 degrees, mostly sunny, and only a little wind.

No one had use the trail since the rain and refreeze so it was an icy glaze over packed snow. A little slippery but not too bad and Kelley seemed OK with it. Didn't take many pictures as I was watching where I stepped

Kelley found some water

and I found some ice

Almost back

Not a bad outing (I only fell once) and Kelley became more comfortable with as we went along. She did well.  1  1/2 hours 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/13/17 Little Long Pond

Weather continues to be erratic  - rain and also freezing temps - making it difficult to find appropriate trails. Many dirt roads around home are icy and I don't want another tow. Decided to try the coast as it has been a bit warmer there although only 50 miles from home. Sunny but windy and mid twenties.

Kelley found some water at the end of the pond near where it empties into the ocean

and a little more beside the meadow

Happily the West Side Trail was completely free of ice.

The water doesn't have to be clean

When we got to the Jordan Stream Trail there was patchy ice on the trail and along the stream and it took us awhile to find a spot Kelley could get in.

Rather than deal with ice we took a side trail across to the carriage road ( again no ice)  and back to the start. Pond still mostly frozen

But Kelley was able to get in.

A nice hike. The woods part kept us out of the wind and we were both happy about the ice situation. Kelley did well but was disappointed  when she couldn't get into the water , because ice on pond and stream, in the spots she usually does.  1  1/2 hours

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/10/17 Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Trail

Ten degrees and mostly overcast but no wind. Wanted to get in a hike because supposed to rain the next two days.( It is raining this morning)  Trails are still iffy at best so we decided to check out a nearby trail we have done many times.

Starts out across a large field

 and then follows a utility easement and is not very scenic ( lots of weed pics today)  but the trail was well packed and good walking. It eventually enters woods and is more interesting but we didn't go that far today.


Apple Break

Kelley didn't like this bridge but eventually crossed

Last plant in snow for today

Turned out to be a pretty good hike. Not especially scenic but peaceful as we met no one .  Kelley did very well - I think she liked the nice footing and as this was our first time this year there was lots to explore. 2 hours

Monday, January 9, 2017

1/8/17 Paul Bunyan Trail

Weather has not been our friend, with icy trails a big problem. Last night we got a little new snow ( just enough to cover the treacherous ice) and its nine degrees ( this morning - 4) . But, we needed a hike so decided to check out the trail along the Kenduskeag.

We were pleasantly surprised to  find the trail had had some use that morning and had been groomed. A very nice walking surface and Kelley was excited to be out on it ( she doesn't like ice either).

The stream looked about like our last time here.

Another improvement - blow downs that I had to work around last time had been cleared.

More plants in snow

The stream shortly before we turned back

We met a snowmobile ( the only one today) on our way out and on the way back found it had broken the ice on a small stream. Kelley immediately took advantage.

  Snow/ice crystals

Almost back

Even though I would have preferred to stay home, this turned out to be a nice hike. Kelley did very well, running ahead at times and showing lots of enthusiasm. 1  1/2 hours