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Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/17/14 Goose Ridge

Yesterday was gray with on and off showers so we just walked around the neighborhood. Today is sunny, 60's, and no bugs- ideal. The contrast light, though,  was not great for pictures.

We started from the trail head on Freedom Pond Road and walked to the easement short of Penny Rd.

This is basically a walk through pretty woods, the first section being uphill to the ridge. Not difficult for Kelley as there are no rocks to climb or other work around's .Most of the small streams were completely dry and Kelley was disappointed to find them so. She did find a couple of small muddy spots to get into and I had drinking water.

A few shots of he woods and trails.

The trail passes through Spirited Horses Ranch and two meadows which give a glimpse of the surrounding area.

and more of the trail

A beautiful day to be in the woods. 3  hours 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/15/14 City Forest

Cool - 50's with a mix of sun and clouds. We did our usual route by the beaver pond and the West Trail and old rail bed. We met several people and dogs, including two of Kelley's dog friends. The small pools continue to be mostly dry but Kelley had the beaver pond at both ends and there was water beside the rail bed. Few wildflowers left and even fewer insects so mostly I took pictures of Kelley.

It's coming

On the trail, rail bed, and in the beaver pond

The bees were still busy and there were a surprising number of them

A pleasant two hour outing. Kelley had been enthusiastic and was happy with all the people and dogs. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

9/14/14 Demeritt Forest

Mix of sun and clouds and temps in the 50's A friend joined us and we started out with jackets but were soon comfortable without. We started from the Logan Rd. entrance and followed the route shown. Several of these trails have spots that are wet but today they were just muddy at most. Kelley kept looking but was disappointed. We met two men walking but mostly had the woods to ourselves. These are mostly pretty woods trails with interesting variations. I took few pictures because I was talking with my friend.

When we got back to the car we continued across the road to the river so Kelley could have a swim.

A very pleasant hike, though I'm sure Kelley was disappointed by the lack of water and not meeting any other dogs.  3  1/4 hours 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/13/14 Downtown

Overcast and 42 with a forecast of rain when we got up. Decided to go downtown and maybe get some urban pictures for a little change. I stalled but it was still in the lower 50's when we got downtown. I let Kelley pick the route and she headed right for the Kenduskeag Stream Trail which starts downtown. At the start the banks are very high and steep but she knows the spots a bit further on where she can get to the water and that's where we went. After a couple of trips down to the water ( I screwed up those pictures) we turned back . She still wanted to stay by the stream and I got one picture where the trail crosses the road by an insurance agency.

Stargazer Lily

Not much of a hike but we did meet several friendly people who gave Kelley some attention and that made her happy along with the water. 

9/12/14 Black Mt. Cliffs

Another beautiful hiking day- mostly sunny with temps in the  upper 50's to lower 60's. Also a bit breezy. I don't think this map contains all the trails and has always been a bit confusing to me.

Near the start

This trail starts just out of the parking lot as you head toward the beach. The first part is a nice woods walk

but soon becomes much more rigorous - steep with many sections of large rocks to get over.

Kelley had several work around's and one place she needed a hand. Once you reach the ridge it becomes an easy and pretty trail

with some views

The trail down the other side is a nice woods path without the rocks and less steep.

When we got to the beach we thought we had it to ourselves

 but when we walked to the end we met a lone woman camper sitting at a table reading. Because of the wind there were very small waves but Kelley does not like waves of any size and so didn't get very excited about the pond

We had a little lunch and then headed up the path to the parking area. A nice hike  2 hours

Friday, September 12, 2014

9/11/14 City Forest

Gray day in the 60's with rain forecast so we went to the forest to get in a hike before it started.

These are some of the things we saw- we had a pretty good breeze so I had to find things in sheltered spots .

Turned out to be a nice hike for Kelley as we met several friendly dogs, including two of Kelley's friends- Homer and Cadie. Many of the small pools of water have dried up but she had the beaver pond and then water along the old rail bed. We did get rain after our hike but I don't know if enough to make a difference for Kelley. 2 hours

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/10/14 Sheepscot Headwaters Trails

Another good hiking day. It was forecast to be clear but by the time we got to the trails it was mostly cloudy but 59 degrees when we started and 67 at the finish. This is a newer map with numbers referring to the trails instead of them being named. I will try to find one of the older maps for next time.

We started up the Whitten Hill Trail - #2

This was a short climb to the Northern Headwaters Trail - #1 which for the part we hiked runs along the top of the hill and is,  I think, one of the prettier trails. There are old stone fences running through the woods.

We turned of onto the Hemlock Hollow Trail - #11  - more pretty woods

from that we took the Hogback Connector to the  Bog Brook Trail - #3 - I knew we would find water where the trail turned north.

and that around to the Whitten  Hill Trail  where we stopped for a water break. There are usually several boggy places and streams on this hike but many were dry today.

In a field near the end of the hike I spotted this beautiful butterfly- had not seen any in several days. I only got one shot before it flew away so I couldn't get a picture unobstructed by grass.

This turned out to be a very nice hike with the mild temps- and the bugs seem to be gone for this year. . We met no one and Kelley was enthusiastic throughout.  2  1/2 hours