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Monday, May 22, 2017

5/20 and 5/21/17 Two Outings

A pretty day with lots of sun. We hadn't been to northern Pond in awhile so I made the 25 mile drive.

We always go to the canoe launch first so Kelley can get in the water. Today the water was high and the bog bridges were floating.

Which was fine with Kelley

At the start of the trails she sat and did not want to continue so we returned to the car.

Another pretty morning. Not knowing Kelley's intentions I took us to the nearby Kenduskeag - 3 miles from home.

The water here was also high

First things first

Still no wildflowers but lots of new leaves

Almost done

Some of the rapids on the stream

This guy was also practicing maneuvering the rocks in the rapids

After a bit Kelley had had enough and let me know she wanted to turn back. On the way another go at the water

A nice little outing on a beautiful day.

Friday, May 19, 2017

5/18/17 Harbor Brook

Forecast for today in Bangor is for 91 degrees but two weather sites say only 71 at Acadia so that's where we headed. This turned out to be wrong as it was 85 when we finished the hike.

Into the water first thing. You can see trees that have fallen across the stream - there were a lot of them.

They are rerouting the trail because of problems with erosion.

Only flowers today - a small bush

Again you can see trees across the stream

I had to search for clear shots of the stream

Lots of new bog bridges

Some nice ripples.

A nice hour and a half in the woods. Kelley did well and was very happy with all the water

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5/16/17 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

After more days of rain we got a beautiful day. Started out cool but it got into the 60's with bright sun.

No wildflowers but the leaves are coming out on the trees and it, finally,  looked like spring'

Kelley was happy that there was water everywhere - skip the bog bridge

Colorful new leaves

In Partridge Pond

and Ducktail

 and a small stream

Kelley did well - I set a slower pace and that may have helped her. A beautiful day to spend two hours in the woods. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

5/12/17 Perch Pond

We have had a stretch of really dreary weather - clouds and on and off sprinkles. Also Kelley has not been interested - we did one very short hike along the Kenduskeag and otherwise just walked in the neighborhood. I am still adjusting her meds and working to help her lose weight.

Fifty degrees and cloudy this morning We had not started on the South Trail in some time and I was hoping the novelty would inspire Kelley.

First part of the trail is through a wet area.

 with a small stream - a drink for Kelley

and then a wet spot in the trail to lie down in

Spring is in evidence with the new leaves coming out on the trees.

 we find figures like these at various spots along the trails

The small pond didn't look very inviting to me.

 but Kelley thought it was fine

 I had given up hope of wildflowers when I found this flowering bush

Kelley did very well today - better than she has in a long time - but after about 45 minuted she sat to tell me we had gone far enough and we turned back

She quickly found another pool to lie in.

No more flowers but some new leaves

A nice hour and a half hike in spite of the lack of sun . We had the place to ourselves and it was peaceful.  I was  really pleased that Kelley did so well.

Friday, May 5, 2017

5/4/17 Little Long Pond

Mid fifties and sunny. Drove to Kelley's favorite hike in hopes of getting a little more enthusiasm.

Obligatory shot of the pond

and Kelley in the pond.

At the start she was slow and lagging behind, at times sitting down but we kept moving and eventually she showed more enthusiasm and hiked along with me.

Back in the water at Jordan Stream. She is under a small bridge with bright sun overhead and that gave an odd effect that I like.

Regular shot

On the trail across to the carriage road there has been a lot of work.

I was thinking we would see more wildflowers because it's usually warmer along the coast but there were none. I had to settle for tree buds

Near the end of the hike Kelley slowed down again but we got in and hour and three quarters.  We had met two women with a dog at the start and a nice couple at the end but no one the rest of the hike so it had been very peaceful. Once home, Kelley spent the afternoon sleeping in the sun 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5/3/17 Along the Kenduskeag

Days of rain have finally given way to mostly sunny and mid 50's . Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow and then many more days of rain. Hope to do a nice hike tomorrow so just did a short one today to leave time to work at cleaning up garden beds.

The little stream at the start had a spring-like look - no ice or snow!

Kelley couldn't wait to get in the Kenduskeg - the trail is quite a bit above the stream at this point and we had to look for a spot to get down to the stream.

and I found some wildflowers- Trout Lilies I learned when we got home and I looked them up

Back up to the trail and then immediately looking for another spot down.

and back in the water

A small but pleasant outing and when home I got quite a bit done in the yard while Kelley laid in the sun.