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Sunday, August 2, 2015

8/2/15 City Forest

Yesterday Kelley didn't seem to want to hike so we just went downtown for a walk. We walked the short distance to the river and she swam but then did not want to go farther so we went back to the car and home.

This morning she seemed better so I decided to try the forest. At the top of the hill we met a man with his son, daughter, and dog Ike and they walked with us down to the pond.

Ike does not like the water and wouldn't go in  but the boy was very excited about Kelley getting in the water - which she did several times.

We left them at the pond- the kids were looking for fish and frogs - and headed down the West Trail. Today there were a lot of deer flies and they were focused on Kelley.  I decided to try the side trail that has a small stream but the flies were bad there too. Also the stream was just a muddy puddle - still not getting much rain.

Kelley doesn't usually react strongly to the flies but today they obviously bothered her so we gave up and headed back for a final dip in the pond.

I didn't do well with pictures and will blame that on the distracting flies too. There were also lots of bees but they were not a problem.

So, not a great day but we did get an hours exercise and Kelley got the beaver pond.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

7/31/15 Harbor Brook

Another hot one. This hike is near the ocean so a few degrees cooler and has water for Kelley. We usually do a loop, including Eliot Mt. but today we did an out and back to have the stream the whole way.

When we got down to the stream it didn't look like much water

but Kelley found enough to lie down in.

She led the way as we started down the trail

There are lots of places Kelley can get in and out of the stream and she took advantage of many of them. There were also deeper pools along the way.

At the start there were few deer flies but the farther we went the worse they got until they were really annoying. When we were here a few weeks ago they had not been a problem.

Few flowers because of all the shade but I got these.

and some leaves in sun hanging out over the stream

As I walked the trail ( mostly right next to the stream ) Kelley sometimes just followed in the stream - even though she had to work her way through things that had fallen into or across the stream.

For the last third of the return there were again only a few deer flies and it was much more pleasant. Glad we got a fairly early start because when we finished before 11 o'clock it was already 84 degrees.  Kelley was enthusiastic and  seemed limber.  2 hours 

Friday, July 31, 2015

7/30/15 Stillwater River Trail

Going to be another hot one. For kelley, I wanted a relatively short hike with water so we went to Orono. This trail runs from main street , north along the river.

First chance to get into the river. There will be lots of Kelley and the water.

There were some wildflowers and few deer flies.

Second chance

A very short section of the trail crosses private property

About where we turned around

A pretty section of birches

Another wildflower

and a final swim before we finish

A pretty good outing. We met a few people and one dog and Kelley got lots of water. After 3 days in a bag of silica gel my camera that I dunked in the stream seems to be working fine. 1  1/2 hours 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

7/29/15 City Forest

Going to be a hot day ( got to 88 ) so we headed to the forest for an early hike. Kelley was ready to walk today and likes this hike because of the beaver pond and people and dogs we meet.

The beaver pond keeps getting lower. It doesn't  look like the lodge is in use.

Today there were a lot of annoying deer flies on the West Trail - it has had few the last times we were here.  I decided to try a side trail over to the rail bed and then loop back on another side trail but made a wrong turn and we looped back to West. Some of the things we saw.

We met some people and dogs we know and and chatted with a new person about the trails and which were leash free. Kelley is always happy to meet people and generally gets a positive response. The hike took 2  3/4 hours but there was a fair amount of chatting involved. Kelley did well. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7/28/15 Kenduskeag Stream

Going to be fairly hot so I wanted to get an early start. Kelley did not seem very interested so I decided to just go to the nearby stream. She was, of course interested in the water

In spite of the dreary days we haven't got much actual rain and the stream was low.

There were two men on the trail that Kelley had to greet and after we talked with them  she let me know she didn't want to walk.

One wild flower

and a final dip and we gave it up

I often wish Kelley could talk and tell me how she is feeling but I have to go by her behavior which isn't always clear. Sometimes she doesn't seem interested in a hike but then gets into it and enjoys it. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/27/15 Little Long Pond

Yesterday was cloudy and rainy so we just went downtown. Kelley wouldn't get out of the car - I guess she wanted a day off. Today is again cloudy with possible rain and warmer so we headed for the island which was predicted to be about 10 degrees cooler - also Kelley's favorite hike.

We started from the parking lot that leads to the Friends Path. Slow start as we check out who's been before us.

Pretty ledge area just before you start the drop to the pond.

Now leading as we near the pond

And into the pond

The West Side Trail crosses a meadow and there were still a few roses

and lots of water lilies in the pond

Kelley liked them too

The start of the Jordan Stream Trail

The pictures stop here because I slipped on a wet bridge and slid into the stream, dunking my camera in the water. The lens fogged up on the inside and though the camera still clicked away the pictures were just a blur or completely black.

We did meet lots of people and dogs on the east side of the pond and walked along with one couple and their dog for awhile. Kelley was happy to greet everyone but it slowed us down a bit. Other than the camera disaster ( it's in a large bag of silica gel ) it was a nice hike. 2  1/2 hours

Sunday, July 26, 2015

7/25/15 Marsh Island

Sixty and mostly cloudy with rain predicted. One more trip to the meadow by the river in search of monarchs.

Checking to see who was here before us.

Deer flies were not too bad on the trails but more numerous in the meadow. They seemed more interested in Kelley today and that was upsetting as they often land on her face where her coat is less thick. I spend time scooping them up and killing them. She sometimes snaps at one in the air but I have not seen her get one.

Some wildflowers

The milkweed in the meadow was about done and so no monarchs. On to the Penobscot. Much of the bank is to steep for Kelley but she remembers where she can get in, even though she had to get us through waist high grass.

Along the bank

Not far from the river is a small pond that Kelley also remembers and we have to take that route.

A small stream on the way back - last chance for water on this hike.

Butterfly still in good shape - I think it's a Northern Crescent.

Near the end we met a couple with a dog and that made Kelley happy ( we rarely meet anyone on this hike ) . Not a bad little outing, in spite of the deer flies. 1 1/4 hour