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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

1/1818 Snowmobile Trail Along Kenduskeag

Fifteen degrees but sun and no wind. We have had a rough stretch of weather with heavy snow and then three days of rain and back to very cold.

The little stream near the start

No recent snowmobile activity. The old track was firm but the last light snow hid patches of ice and  I neglected to bring my ice grippers. The crust along the sides was firm enough to support Kelley

Kelley always has to see who has been here before us.

The Kenduskeag Stream was very high, Usually large boulders and ledge are visible here.

Heading back

A nice little hike but was glad to get back to the car. Kelley did well after initially not wanting to get out of the car and especially since there was no water she could get to. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1/9/18 DeMeritt Forest

Twenty two and mostly sunny. Since we had not done a long hike yesterday I decided to try for two in a row. These trails are used primarily by skiers and snowshoers but someone had run a snowmobile through this morning. probably to help the skiers since we had got a couple more inches of snow last night.

Kelley deciding whether to go on or not

The surface was softer than the trail yesterday, so more of a slog for me, but OK for Kelley. This side trail was much softer so we did not use it

As was this one

I did not want Kelley to overdo it so at that point we headed back.

Another pretty day in the woods. Kelley did well again. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

1/8/18 Snowmobile Trail Glenburn

Fourteen degrees and light snow. We have done only walks around the neighborhood lately because of below zero temps and snow  too deep for Kelley. First time this winter for this trail and it had some use so was well packed, with good footing. We usually meet few snowmobilers during the week ( I today) and when we do they are almost all very considerate, slowing down and giving us a wide berth. Some even stop to greet Kelley.

Only took a few pictures of the trail and Kelley.

Still lots of snow

The woods were pretty. the footing was good, and Kelley did well. A nice little outing.

Monday, December 25, 2017

12/15/17 Christmas Storm

Storm started early this morning and Kelley couldn't wait to get out in it - I was not as eager as it was 10 degrees with strong winds.

But no denying the girl and we headed down the drive

 And then down the road

There is a lane that runs between our road and the next but the snow was too deep for Kelley

so we headed back. Kelley did not want to come in and stayed in the drive for quite awhile

Friday, December 22, 2017

12/22/17 Snowmobile trail along the Kenduskeag

Nine degrees and cloudy but no wind, We were going to have an off day after yesterday's hike but Mary came by with Ollie and Cooper to invite us to go along with them to the Kenduskeag.

Ollie is very young and boisterous and wants to play with Kelley who is not interested but we decided to try the hike anyway.

The trail was pretty in spite of the cold.

Kelley was still wary of Ollie but here she took the lead and was OK.

Mary with Cooper - Ollie is up ahead.

Because Ollie would not leave Kelley alone he ended up on a leash

Bad framing- but Ollie pulling Mary and cooper following behind

The stream was not inviting

A small puddle

Kelley waiting for us near the end of the hike.

Turned out to be a nice little hike but was glad to get back to the car.

12/21/17 Harbor Brook

Nineteen degrees and windy, though the woods provided some protection from the wind.

There was not a lot of snow but there was lots of ice in the stream and the first place Kelley usually gets in was not available -- she doesn't like walking on ice.

The stream seems to have gained a lot of fallen trees

Most Kelley  could get was wet feet and a drink

Some of the ice

A pretty good outing in spite of the cold. Kelley did pretty well in spite of her disappointment .

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

12/18/17 Trail Along the Kenduskeag

Another cold one - 7 degrees when we got up but we waited 'till it got to 14 . We are dog sitting Cooper so there were three of us. Didn't take many pictures because I didn't want to take my gloves off.

Looking gray and wintry

Tried to get a picture of Cooper and Kelley together but they did not cooperate so here  is Cooper

The Kenduskeag was frozen along the shore but there was a little stream - only enough for a drink

The stream as we started to get a little snow.

Both dogs did well but I think we were all glad to get back to the car.