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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/21/14 Walden

Not quite as cold as yesterday but a mix of sun and clouds- all clouds by end of hike - and rain forecast for this afternoon and the next three days- going to be a challenge to get in our hikes.

We started for the Loop Trail from the end of Tamarack Trail - starting to look a bit wintry

also along the rail bed

but there was also water Kelley could get into

We continued on the rail bed past the Loop Trail connection and took an old woods road into some unmarked trails. We followed them for awhile- nothing familiar and not coming out where I expected ; we eventually came back out onto the rail bed at a different spot. Back to a side trail that Kelley likes off the snowmobile trail to the rest of the Loop Trail which took us back to the start.

Did find some wildflowers still surviving

Not a bad outing in spite on the impending rain. the woods were still pretty, Kelley had water and seemed to like the hike, and it was very peaceful as we met no one.  1 3/4 hours

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/20/14 Hogback Mountain

Sunny but cool- didn't get out of the 40's . Last time we were in this area we skipped Hogback and that is what we would do today. We started from where the Hemlock Hollow Trail crosses Halldale Rd.

Lots of leaves on the ground

When we reached the loop trail up to the overlook we found there had been a lot more timber cutting and road building. The sign indicating the trail was gone and we had to look about to find the trail- this part is private land and the owner can do as he pleases. We talked to him one day and he says he plans to replace all the trail signs and has other plans for access.

Once we got on the trail up it was unchanged until we got to the ledge that provides a view. In August the views were through the trees

Since then many trees have been removed and opened up the view.

Kelley enjoying it

and a pano view - click for larger view

Hogback Overlook  10-20-14

The other side of the loop going down was not untouched- there were even roads that crossed it. And it was confusing when we got back down to Howard Rd. which used to be a grown over old road and is now freshly plowed with roads crossing. The owner talked about making it so people could drive up for views but I did not think he was referring to here. It will be interesting to see how this all develops.

Kelley waiting for me to catch up- trailhead for the Hemlock Hollow.

In spite of the surprise construction it turned out to be a pretty nice hike. Most of the way was not changed from what we knew and Kelley was enthusiastic and seemingly enjoying herself.  2  1/2 hours

Monday, October 20, 2014

10/19/14 Perch Pond Trails

Cold ( 40's) and more clouds than sun. We entered on the North Trail this time. Kelley seemed excited to be in the woods. I think she likes the cooler temperatures.

A small pond near the start - I got a picture and Kelley a swim.

The woods were pretty even though the predominant color is now brown.

We followed the Spruce Rd. to the Spruce Trail where we had so much trouble the first time we came here- and came in on the Spruce Trail that time . They now  have a sign marking the trail but there was still confusion- maybe it's just me. Other than that brief little foray we were able to stay on track.

Kelley was happy when we reached the big pond

We followed the trail next to the pond because there are several places Kelley can get in.

This fungus reminded me of old pottery

The Spruce Road as we headed back to the North Trail

A pretty good hike. Once we got moving the temperature was fine, the woods were pretty, there was water for Kelley, and we had the place to ourselves.  2  1/4 hours 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/18/14 City Forest

The last two days were rainy and we just walked around the neighborhood. Today is better but still a chance of rain but we are bored - so someplace close.

We did our usual start from the end of Kittredge Rd. , across the meadow and down to the pond

There is still some nice color in this area.

We also did our usual route, taking West Trail to the end and then  the old rail bed. We met several people and dogs- some Kelley knew and some new. She was happy to see them all. After taking advantage of the water along the rail bed we followed it and found a little more color

We then took the side trail back to West Trail. The last time we were here everything had dried up except the beaver pond and end of the rail bed. Today there was lots of water- this was across the trail.

Back at the beaver pond it was a final swim

 and then up the hill and back across the meadow.

Looking back as we climb the hill

By the time we finished we were getting some sun and it had not rained so with all the water, the people, and  the dogs it turned out to be a very nice outing.  2 hours 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

10/15/14 Tunk Mountain

Cloudy but 60's and supposed to rain the next two days so we wanted to get in a good one today.

We started from the trailhead off Myrick Pond Rd. To get too it you have a walk up a road that is worse then the one that got you to where you parked. Near the trailhead is a  small pond

The trail starts as an old woods road before becoming a single track.

and is a steady climb to the ridge but has no difficulties for Kelley. When you come out of the woods onto the ridge you suddenly have nice views

There were also some pretty leaves

Though we have done this hike many times we missed a sort of path over to the other side of the mountain.

A pano shot- please click for larger view

Tunk Mt. Trail View  10-15-14

A section of the trail along the ridge

We hiked to where the trail turns down to the ponds and then returned the way we had come.The ridge part has a couple of spots Kelley needs to work around but nothing really difficult. More leaves on the way down

Of course we stopped at the pond on the way out and while Kelley was in the water I walked back to see if i could get a better view

A nice hike with comfortable temps , views, and fall colors. 2  1/2 hours 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/14/14 Sunkhaze Redux

Another nice day to explore an area  that has been a problem for us on several occasions . Yesterday we found a trailhead we returned to explore. We were hoping it would be the trail shown on the map as Buzzy Brook South . We have never been able to follow that trail from either end or even be sure we were on it - no blazes or signs on these unmaintained trails.

The McLaughlin Rd.

 which we walked to this trailhead

Going by the sun it seemed to be a fairly straight shot. It was in poor condition and you would not be able to ski it. One of the better sections ( there were also many trees down across the trail which meant leaving the trail to get around them ) .

We followed the trail for a fair distance and then it took a short jag onto another trail, which we followed.  On the map above I have drawn an approximation of the route we followed. Eventually the trail just petered out without reaching either Buzzy Brook or S. Buzzy Brook. We looked around the woods for another trail or a continuation - flagging our route -  but could find nothing and so returned the way we had come. When we got to the jag we followed the other trail as it seemed to be going in the right direction and it brought us back to the place we had started from .???  These trails continue to mystify me .

There had been no water along these trails - another time we wandered around the area lost and kept running into water - so I decided we would continue up the road to where the map shows  Little Buzzy Brook crossed the road. Well, not exactly  - on the right was a beaver pond which had also flooded part of the road and on the other side of the road only a trickle of water. Kelley was happy

The lodge

We stayed long enough for Kelley to get in several times and me to take some pictures and then headed back. Another puzzling attempt with no solution but a good outing anyway.  2  1/4 hours 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/13/14 Buzzy Brook at Sunkhaze

Another nice fall day  sunny 50's . Someplace we haven't been in awhile. This part of the refuge has trails that are mostly old woods roads and there are others that are not on the maps. It can be confusing.

This trail is often quite wet as the refuge protects a large peat bog and there is little elevation. Today it was muddy but only one pool of water for Kelley until we reached the brook.

Click for larger view

Buzzy Brook pano 10-13-14

We returned via the other side of the loop which is actually a little easier and less muddy,

When we got back to the McLaughlin Rd. ( supposedly used by logging trucks at times but we have never encountered any vehicles- it's also gated ) we continued on a ways looking for the S. Buzzy Brook Trail which we have had problems finding and following in the past. We found a trail but it was not named and we will return tomorrow and explore further. A nice time in the fall woods 2  1/2 hours