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Friday, August 22, 2014

8/21/14 City Forest

A little warmer and more humid with a possibility of rain but still nice. Very few deer flies- maybe their season is about to be over.

We did a little bit different route today, going the other way on the rail bed.

The beaver pond water is lower and has lots of plants growing, including on the beaver lodge.

Another ragged butterfly- we see few that aren't a least a bit damaged

The old rail bed has grown quite lush with all the rain

A few other things we saw

Turned out to be a nice hike although we only met two people and no dogs there was still plenty of water for Kelley and she found lots of scents to check out.   2 hours

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/20/14 Ledges and Baker Hill

We did these trails twice in May, 2010. There was no map at that time and only one trail was named and the only markings were random pieces of surveyor tape. We never found the ledges and spent most of our time wandering around randomly,  ending up coming out on the road past where we had parked. The second hike was much better as the person leading it had gone out ahead of the hike and mapped  the hike on his GPS. Now there is a map, the trails are marked with names and numbers at intersection. The trails are also in very good shape and go through some pretty woods. We had a hard time getting pictures because of the extreme contrast between dark shadows and bright splotches of sunlight

Kelley on the ledges

and the view

There wasn't much water on the trails for Kelley so she was happy when we came to Long Pond

and a little later, just off the trail a stream flowed into the pond

One of the trails

This turned out to be a very pleasant hike. We did most of the trails. We met one woman and her dog and then a family in the parking lot when we finished.  2  3/4 hours 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/19/14 Little Long Pond

Beautiful day in the 70's. This is one of Kelley's favorites- lots of water and usually people and dogs too. We started from the parking lot that leads to the Friends Path down to the pond.

I always take a picture of the pond at the start.

We followed the trail along the pond to the Jordan Stream Trail and that to the Cobblestone Bridge and then carriage roads back to the east side of the pond.

Some water lilies and pads

We found this damselfly along the Jordan Stream

The stream running over the rocks

and more water lilies

Turned out to be a nice hike. We met lots of nice people taking advantage of the fine weather and most gave Kelley some attention. We also met a few dogs but none that Kelley wanted to make friends with. There was also a horse drawn carriage but Kelley just ignored the horses.   2  3/4 hours

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/18/14 Northern Pond

Upper 60's, mix of sun and clouds, and windy- possibility of rain. I was not feeling very energetic and wanted something close and easy.

We started at the small parking area to access the  canoe launch for Kelley- the main trail from there is closed. We didn't get far as the sections of bog bridge were floating.

We then went over to check out the closed trail- same problem

On to the bypass trail and we did the rest of the trail as shown above.

Too early for this

Northern Pond

As we neared the beaver pond the trail became obscure and wet. Luckily I had Kelley to lead me through the high grass and brush.

One more unnamed pond

A pretty nice hike- pretty woods and ponds, only 3 or 4 deer flies, comfortable temperatures, lots of water for Kelley. 2 hours 

Monday, August 18, 2014

8/17/14 Walden

Gray day with rain predicted. We went to nearby Walden to get in an hours worth before the rain. There were only a few deer flies and mosquitoes and there is water for Kelley. We just did the Loop Trail

part of that trail

We found some wildflowers

Kelley seemed happy with these trails

One more wildflower

Almost back- it started to rain about 10 minutes before we completed the loop

Short but pleasant. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/16/14 Hidden Ponds

We planned to do Tunk from Myrick Pond Road  ( Tunk from Hidden ponds is very difficult for Kelley) but when we stopped the car it was engulfed with deer flies. We didn't get out but headed to Hidden Ponds which is quite near but had no deer flies. We had encountered this odd situation before.  Two maps- the first an old map modified by me and the second from a hiker I met on Tunk Mountain. From him , I learned about Spring River Lake. My map shows the new Loop Trail and indicates where the sign is telling you the trail to Tilden is no longer maintained. The trail is still in good shape and easy to follow and if you skip it you miss a nice pond.

Very contrasty light with the sun and clouds so I had trouble with the highlights

Coming down to Tilden

and the pond

From Tilden we took the trail to the lake

On our way back we turned off to look for a spot for lunch- found at Mud Pond

Looking across Salmon Pond

After our little lunch we headed back. There had been several cars in the parking lot when we started, and there were some when we finished, but we saw no one the entire hike. Turned out to be a nice hike- no deer flies, pleasant woods, ;lots of water for Kelley. 2  1/2 hours

Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/15/14 Newman Hill

Mix of sun and clouds and upper 60's with rain in forecast for this afternoon. Yesterday in rained pretty much all day and Kelley went to the nursing home to play with other dogs. This is a nearby hike.

When we started from the parking lot there were no deer flies.Kelley likes Black Pond because it is easier to get out of.

We took the little side trail to Pine Pond

Then we took the trail that looks more like an old rail bed than the trail on the map

You can't get far on this trail because you come to a very wet bog. We were also accumulating deer flies. We turned around and went back to follow the trail on the map. The farther we went, the more deer flies until there was a cloud of them around Kelley. We decide to return the way we came ( rather than the loop we usually do)  as that was the quickest way out of the deer flies and Kelley could have another go at the pond.

In spite of the flies I got a few pictures I liked.

Common Ringlet

I think, Northern Pearly Eye

White Admiral


A couple of wasps

Queen Anne's Lace

The deer flies diminished the pleasure of this hike but we did get it in. 2  hours