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Sunday, February 28, 2016

2/27/16 Little River Trail

Lower 30's and sunny. Trying for another hike without icy trails and this trail is near the ocean so hoping that little difference in temperature will do the trick.

We started from the parking area next to the reservoir and  it was still frozen.

Kelley found some water next to shore

 and I found some ice

The trails were in good shape with only small scattered patches of ice .

There was also lots of water along the trail

Kelley was slow starting but got more enthusiastic as we progressed. We rarely meet anyone on this trail but met two nice women today and that pleased Kelley.

The spillway at the end of reservoir 2

Pretty good hike on a pretty day. 2  1/4 hours 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

2/26/16 Little Long Pond

Lower 30's, sunny, and breezy. It's usually a few degrees warmer along the coast and we thought we would have a better chance of avoiding ice here.

Obligatory shot of the pond.

 Mostly still frozen but there was some water at the end of the pond

Another shot of the pond - the first woods section had very little snow or ice

Back into the woods the trail remained in good condition. At the junction of the West Side Trail and Jordan Stream we met a nice woman and her dogs and Kelley liked that.

Parts of the stream trail were pretty wet with small workarounds but still little ice.

Shots of Jordan Stream

After we crossed under the cobblestone bridge we climbed up to the carriage road to head back.

We met two women with their dogs, which was unusual as we usually meet several people and dogs on this stretch.

One last time in the water

This turned out to be a good choice as ice was not a problem and Kelley likes this trail. She did well.  2 hours.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

2/25/16 City Forest

Several days of lousy weather - rain, then snow,freezing rain, and plain rain with lots of wind. Kelley gets spooked by storms and doesn't know what she wants so we have been just walking around the hood. This morning we got a break in the rain - and it was 50 degrees when we got up -  and I thought we could get a quick hike in at City Forest.

 I thought everything would be wet. It was but mostly on top of ice.

 I wasn't expecting ice so din't bring my ice grippers.
I tried to avoid the ice by walking off trail but that was hard to do so we gave up ( I only fell once) and moved over to the Loop Rd. At some point it had been plowed and was clear

But on Main Rd. we ran into more ice

Kelley did not seem bothered by the ice and there was lots of water for her to get into so she seemed happy. I was glad to get back to the car and we did get an hours exercise. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2/22/16 Hidden Ponds

Chose this hike as there are alternatives nearby. Lower twenties but nice and sunny.

First part of the trail was icy and I was beside the trail more than on it.

Kelley managed to get into the small stream near the start - I did poorly with the picture.

The trail conditions improved

Just off the trail we found some more water for her but that picture was even worse than the last and we continued on our way.

The section of trail  that goes to Tilden makes a small rise above the ponds but enough for there to be a little snow.

Tilden Pond - frozen, even at the edges.

We walked to the end but still no water

 We turned back and I thought we would do the loop trail - added on the map - but Kelley didn't want to so we continued the way we had come.

When we got to the trail that goes to Salmon she was willing. I think she remembered that we usually stopped there for an apple or lunch- depending on the hike. We had an apple as we looked out over the pond.

A pretty day in the woods. I could have done without the ice which was not a problem for Kelley. She did well today. 2 hours

Monday, February 22, 2016

2/21/16 Branch Lake

Yesterday we had light rain most of the day and just did a bit around the neighborhood. Makes guessing trail conditions even more difficult. Last time we passed Branch lake the road in had not been plowed and there was enough snow to keep us from trying to drive it. Today it was just dirt.

Kelley had seemed a bit stiff so I decide on one trail loop. We found various trail conditions. The tote road had bare spots, snow, and icy patches. Thirty two and mostly sunny but it clouded as we hiked and we got sprinkles on the way home

and some water for Kelley

I chose the Brookside loop because there were more chances for water.

Nearing the lake

The shore is very rocky , making it difficult for Kelley

  but she found a spot

One of the wet sections on the return part of the loop

A little winter color

Kelley did well and seemed to lose any stiffness once we got started. We saw tracks of a walker and dog on the tote road but did not see them. Most of the trails had no very recent use. The patches of ice were easily got around and the footing was mostly pretty good. 1  3/4 hours 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

2/19/16 DeMeritt Forest

Upper 20's but sunny and no wind. Another day with questionable trail conditions sent us to nearby trails.

There was more snow than expected and little recent activity ( we saw one set of boot tracks) but the snow was firm with easy walking.

There were some icy patches but mostly easily got around

Until --- the White Trail has a very wet section which I thought would be frozen and Ok. I went through the ice  and was in water over the top of my boot. Kelley got some water but did not like the ice breaking under her as she walked.

Back on solid ground

 A pretty good hike except for one cold wet foot. Kelley was enthusiastic and did well. We did not meet the person who had made the tracks , or anyone else.  1  1/2 hours