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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2/16 Dover-Foxcroft

Twenty degrees colder than yesterday but nice sun. No map because I don't have one for where we ended up going.

Last night Kelley seemed a bit stiff so I planned a short easy hike on the rail-trail from Dover-Foxcroft. We have little snow left so I thought there would be no snowmobilers and the walking would be easy.

We crossed the river

and found there was a lot more snow than we had but it was well packed and easy walking

Kelley wanted to take a side trail again - the last one we took led us to someone's house and I hoped this would not.

Started with some pretty woods

After a bit I thought we had gone far enough for Kelley but when I turned around she sat and wanted to continue - so we did.

We then came to a large open area which ran next to a long dirt airstrip.

 and then back into the woods

until another open area by the town and a farm.

Just past the section we came to an area where the trail split into several directions. Never having done this trail it seemed like a good time to turn back while we still knew how to get back. Kelley again stopped and did not want to go back. So....

She seemed to prefer the trail that followed a utility easement so we started down that. I knew an easement crossed the rail-trail and thought maybe this was the same easement and we would hit the rail-trail and take that back. When we came to a road I gave up and turned back - this time Kelley agreed.

Part way back we met a local man and his husky and he said I was right about the easement but that before it reached the rail-trail it crossed a marshy area we would not have liked to cross. After a pleasant chat about our dogs and trails we headed on back.

Another section of trail on the way back

Weed of the day

Not the planned hike but interesting and new. No snowmobiles or people other than the one man we met. I was pleased that Kelley wanted to keep going- she has not shown that behavior in some time and she did well. 2 hours

Tomorrow's forecast is for snow, sleet,freezing rain , and then rain and wind - good rest day.


  1. I agree-a day like that one coming up for you is a good day to .....make a pot of soup and watch the mess from a window!
    I like that Kelley knows when she's had enough (or not!). My problem is always feeling like I want to keep going, not realizing--oops, I have to go all the way back as well, haha.
    Have a good rest day

    1. Hi Sue - she has a mind of her own. How far I go now is pretty much determined by Kelley's needs.


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