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Monday, February 22, 2016

2/21/16 Branch Lake

Yesterday we had light rain most of the day and just did a bit around the neighborhood. Makes guessing trail conditions even more difficult. Last time we passed Branch lake the road in had not been plowed and there was enough snow to keep us from trying to drive it. Today it was just dirt.

Kelley had seemed a bit stiff so I decide on one trail loop. We found various trail conditions. The tote road had bare spots, snow, and icy patches. Thirty two and mostly sunny but it clouded as we hiked and we got sprinkles on the way home

and some water for Kelley

I chose the Brookside loop because there were more chances for water.

Nearing the lake

The shore is very rocky , making it difficult for Kelley

  but she found a spot

One of the wet sections on the return part of the loop

A little winter color

Kelley did well and seemed to lose any stiffness once we got started. We saw tracks of a walker and dog on the tote road but did not see them. Most of the trails had no very recent use. The patches of ice were easily got around and the footing was mostly pretty good. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. Your losing snow fast! We had a pretty good warm-up for a few days, but it's back to the cold stuff now. Still have around 15 inches of snow, but around trees, etc it's starting to recede--hooray!!
    I always love those photos of mosses, lichens, and things like that! And that boardwalk through the trees is wonderful!

  2. Thank you Sue - it continues to go up and down here - you have a lot more snow left than we do but we didn't get nearly what we normally do. I'm ready for spring.


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