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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6/28/16 City Forest Beaver Pond.

Cloudy with rain predicted so I thought we would do a short one at City Forest. Kelley liked the pond but wouldn't go further so that was it for today.

Heading over the hill to the pond

The beaver lodge does not look to be in use.

Windy so wildflowers were difficult. This crown vetch was in a protected spot

She did enjoy the water and I deferred to her about walking.  We ran some errands and then Kelley spent the day laying around various spots in the yard.

Monday, June 27, 2016

6/26/16 DeMeritt Forest

Another beautiful day - 70's, sun, no wind- some mosquitos but no deer flies. I spent time last night adjusting camera settings which resulted in most of today's picture being off.

Spotted a nice arrangement of bunchberry flowers but as I was changing lenses, Kelley decided to lie on top of them.

Unknown weed

 Wild blackberry flowers


When we finished our loop we went across the road to the Stillwater river.

More weeds

Pretty good hike. Peaceful as we saw only two women running and had the rest to ourselves. Kelley did well but was disappointed that there was much less water than usual - I screwed up those pictures - though she checked out her usual spots. 1  1/2 hours 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

6/24/16 Perch Pond

Another pretty day  - sunny  - 57 when we started and 69 when we finished. Some deer flies but no mosquitoes or black flies. A little rain last night so there were still drops on the plants.

In the small pond - my pant legs were already very wet so I didn't go down through the grass for a clearer picture.

 There were dragonflies landing on the little bridge at the end of the pond - not the best shots but first this year

I seem to have somehow got some kind of multiple exposure here- not on purpose and don't know how it happened.

In Perch Pond

I didn't see the crab spider until I processed the picture

Kelley did well today and took the lead at times. She even got in the pond at a spot she usually doesn't, use because it's more difficult for her to get out.   2 hours

Thursday, June 23, 2016

6/22/16 Saxl Park

Forecast was for rain but it was sunny when we got up so we went to nearby Saxl Park. This is in town and abuts another more traditional city park- Cascade. I won't try to trace our route because we just wandered- it's basically a large meadow with mowed paths. There are also some trails into woods.

Nice clover at the start

 There is a small pond near the start

 Looking across the meadow

 and down

At the back of Cascade Park is this cascade. Kelley looked at it but I don't think she liked the falling water

She did, however, like laying in the water running down the hill

Coming out of the woods and back to Saxl

 Last chance at the pond

This was a pleasant hour. Kelley did well - we hadn't been here in a long time and she likes variety.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6/20/16 Little long Pond

This would be third day in a row but rain predicted next 3 days so we headed for Kelley's favorite hike. A beautiful day - upper 60's, sunny, and windy - no bugs but also hard to do close ups so lots of pictures of Kelley in the water.

End ot the pond at the start

Obligatory shot of the pond

End of pond, other side and start of West Side Trail.

Sheltered from the wind

By the meadow

looking for a way out

Start of Jordan Stream section of trail

Grass in the wind

Field of flowers

Kelley did well and was, of course, happy with all the water. We also met people and dogs ( another thing she likes ) especially at the end where there is a dog play area.  She slowed down on the carriage road section ( I think she is somewhat bored by this section ) but perked up again when we got off of it. 1 3/4 hours 

Monday, June 20, 2016

6/19/16 Kenduskeag Stream

Have been trying every other day but it was such a pretty morning I decided to try a short walk along the Kenduskeag- just over 2 miles from home.

Looking downstream

Into the water

Along the stream

Another spot to get in

One last time before we head back

We only walked for 45 minutes and Kelley did well but that seemed to be all she wanted. She was also pleased to meet a couple of people also walking the trail.