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Thursday, September 29, 2016

9/28/16 Sheepscot Wellsprings

50's and cloudy when we started 60 and Sunny at the end. I thought this hike would at least have some water.

Up Whitten Hill to the N. Headwaters Trail (1)  - I think this is the prettiest section of this hike.

Then we the took the Goose Ridge Trail (8) which crosses a couple of streams and goes by a pond.

First stream - no water

The second stream was also dry and Kelley wouldn't cross the bridge over it so I went ahead to check the pond - small bit of water surrounded by lots of mud so I gave up on that too. On the way back I met Kelley who had got across the stream, but when we got back to it she had to do a long workaround.

OK - back to the Headwaters Trail. We walked for a way  thinking surely there would be water in the river. First chance at the river and it was almost dry.

Kelley did find a couple of pools and that pleased her.

At this point we headed back. Not a bad hike except for the lack of water. Kelley did well. 2  1/4 hours 

Monday, September 26, 2016

9/25/16 Northern Pond

Another cool morning - upper 40s to lower 50s . We hadn't been here in awhile and Kelley likes variety. She was more enthusiastic this morning but I decide to not push her and do a shorter out and back rather than the complete loop we usually do.

The canoe launch. Usually I can only go a short distance and then the logs are floating. Today I got to the end and there was mud before some water. Kelley didn't bother following me.

First place she can get in the pond

But she didn't like the bottom (maybe silted up) and barely went in.

The beaver dam and a lowered pond

 Kelley worked her way out to some shallow water

 but then found some a little deeper

The ferns are turning brown

Kelley is not especially fond of bog bridges and often walks beside them- especially when this narrow - but she used them today - I think because the brush along side was so thick

A mix of sun and clouds but pretty comfortable hiking. Kelley did well and we had the place to ourselves. 1  1/2 hours 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

9/24/16 Perch Pond

Sunny but cool- 47 when we started and 53 at the finish. Kelley was not enthusiastic so this was a short hike. We went out on the old woods road that runs next to the North Trail and returned on the trail.

Mixed lichen on a stump

There have been fewer mushrooms this year - probably because of lack of rain

The tree was still green but this branch was turning

This small pond is smaller each time we visit

 but still water for Kelley

After she got in the water Kelley didn't seem to want to go on so we headed back. Only an hour but it was pleasant and peaceful 

Friday, September 23, 2016

9/22/16 Hidden Ponds

Sunny again and upper 60's when we started and lower 70's at end. This is another hike with guaranteed water.

We started from the parking lot on Rte. 182 and decided we would skip the loop ( not shown on this map) and head for tilden and the Lake. This map was made by a hiker we met and he sent me this and another and I sent him a couple I had that he didn't.

Near the start. Kelley is ahead because she knows there is a stream coming up.

and it still had water

Most of the trees still have green leaves but there are some colored on the ground.

I think this is some kind of parasite on the tree. We see a lot of it but not usually this dramatic.

Tilden Pond

There isn't a lot of easy access for Kelley but she found this spot.

The only wildflowers we saw today.

From near the end of Tilden we took an old woods road ( not on the other maps of the area) to Spring River Lake ( odd name) .

Even this large lake had lowered some and here the reeds are next to the shore.

A little further along the shore was a spot with fewer reeds

Back at Tilden - can't get in but can get a drink

Don't know what these are

Back at the stream near the start - she really didn't want to leave here.

Nice hike on a beautiful day. Kelley seems to be improving and did well. Unlike the last time we were, we met no one until very near the end and so had the place to ourselves. 2  1/2 hours 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

9/20/16 Redman Beach

We just had a couple of rainy days and walked around the hood. Not enough rain to do much good- just enough to mess up the day.

This morning is upper 60', cloudy, and fog but supposed to clear. Another trail with sure water for Kelley, at least at Donnell Pond.

Trail head with boulders to bar ATVs

No wildflowers but some interesting ferns

 About halfway to the pond there is a stream that is usually  a bit of a challenge for me as I  have to balance on logs to cross it. Today I could walk across.

But there was enough pooled water for Kelley to get wet

There were some interesting fungi

When you come out of the woods at the pond it is at one of the 4 or 5 campsites

Into the pond

We walked along the beach with Kelley mostly walking in the water

This is a 3 shot pano - please click separately for large view

Redman Beach  9-20-16

Another campsite

About where we turned back

Kelley was excited when we got back to the stream

More ferns

A nice hike. It didn't clear 'till we got home and we got a few sprinkles but it stayed comfortable. Kelley did well and seemed more willing to jump over things she might have gone around. We have hiked this trail many times and I don't remember ever meeting anyone on the trail. Sometimes there would be a few people camping ( none today) but they mostly come across the pond by boat or canoe rather than tote things through the woods. 2 1/2 hours