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Monday, September 5, 2016

9/4/16 Fitts Pond

Another hike that guarantees water for Kelley. Sunny and upper 60's at the start- another good day. We haven't done the around the pond trail in a long time. We usually take the trail up Blackcap but it's fairly strenuous and I thought it might not be good for Kelley.

We park near the end of the pond so Kelley gets that right off.

Near start of trail

 Another chance at the water

Unfortunately I didn't remember how rocky and difficult this trail becomes and Kelley had to do work arounds and sometimes needed help. The trail here goes between the rocks

Off the trail for a break

Easier sections of the trail

Ah, more water

Split fungus

And one last swim before we head home

We didn't make it around the pond as the trail just got more difficult  ( besides the rocks to get over there were several blowdowns  to get over  and I was concerned for Kelley). In spite of the difficulties she did well and was enthusiastic for the most part. 1  1/2 hours 


  1. I'm just loving all those huge chunks of granite. We had a lot of that when I lived up in the U.P.
    And your split fungus looks like a flower. Very nice.
    Hope Kelley is doing ok. Sounds like things are getting difficult for her.

    1. Thanks Sue, I think that granite all fell off the mountain next to the pond. I remember the U.P. from camping trips- I lived in the lower P. Kelley varies day by day but did well considering this was rough footing hard to say how much is age and how much arthritis- going to take her in to try some new meds.


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