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Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/29/14 Essex Woods

We woke to fog and drizzle and after stalling while headed for the nearby woods. I thought an hour would hold us until tomorrow when it's supposed to be clear.

There is a dog park near the parking lot but there was no one in it when we started out and we just wandered around a bit- mostly on the old rail bed which goes through woods and a marshy area.

Some things we saw

Kelley found some water, of course

When we got back to the parking area there were a couple of people with dogs and we went and joined them. Everyone was friendly but Kelley was not into playing- I never know how she will react to other dogs except a couple she sees regularly . Later in the day we got a little rain but it was mostly just a blah day. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/28/14 Long Ledges and Baker Hill

Forties, cloudy, and sprinkling. Supposed to be real rain tomorrow so we wanted to hike today anyway.

This time we started from the Long Ledges trailhead.  A pretty trail through woods.

Since the last time we were here they have added a bunch of red flags to the blue paint blazes. At the turn just past the Upper Ledges Loop there was a trail off to the side with neither blazes nor flags ( I have added it's approximate location) and we decided to check it out. It brought us to a pond

We continued on for awhile but not knowing where it led we turned back to resume the route we had planned. Unfortunately the intersection just past that trail has caused us confusion in the past and did again today. Somehow we ended up at the northern gate and turned around to go back and get on track- which we did.

Another section of trail

The West Loop took us to Long Pond

We continued on to reach the ledges on Baker Hill which give some nice views

a pano - please click for large view

Baker Hill View  10-28-14

We completed the loop and  headed back to our start. Kelley found a little more water

A pretty nice hike. We got sprinkles but not heavy enough to get us out of the woods. The sun tried to come out a couple of times but failed. Kelley seemed to have no problems- I picked this as an easy hike for her.

2  3/4 hours 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/27/14 City Forest

Gray, 40's, windy. and sprinkles. Good day for the nearby forest.

We did our usual route from Kittredge Rd. on the West Trail and old rail bed.

First stop the beaver pond

The marsh along the rail bed is looking very wintry

Another porcupine- Kelley listened to me and stopped before she reached it

Along the rail bed

From the rail bed we took a different side trail than usual to avoid some sections I knew would be very wet.

One last time in the beaver pond before we head up the hill

The last time we were here there was more color among these trees

A pretty good outing. Kelley was not showing any discomfort, there was lots of water and we met some people and two dogs - all good.  2 hours 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/26/14 Bangor

We woke up to fog and drizzle. After yesterdays hike I had decided Kelley needed an easy day so when it looked like it was clearing we went downtown for an hour. She headed us straight for the Kenduskeag Stream Trail which starts a short way from where we parked. If not that she would head for the river.

A shot of the stream from the bridge crossing it. You can see the first part of the trail on the left.

. The first part of the trail

and looking back

From the foot bridge  over the stream. The first third of a mile or so the stream has walls to contain it but they soon disappear. The trail is on the right next to the stream - Kelley can't get in here but she knows where she can and it's not far.

looking across

When we reached the first spot Kelley can get in we climbed down the bank but the water was moving to fast for her and she only got her feet wet and a drink. She seemed to realize it was not going to be different at the other places she gets in so we turned back and near the end we even deserted the trail for the streets

Some of the things we saw

There are still a few flowers. Don't know what this is

Almost finished cleome

We met several people who gave Kelley some attention and she got a little exercise so it worked out pretty well.  The rain held off 'till late afternoon.

10/25/14 Little Long Pond

Sun! and a bit warmer- 50's . Time for a hike that Kelley really likes. We started from the parking lot that leads to the Friends Path down to the pond and then followed the route shown.

Obligatory shot of the pond

The first section of the hike was a bit wet - all the little streams that had been dry had water - but when we got to the Jordan Stream Trail it got very wet. The trail runs very close to the stream and parts were under water.

Last time we were here the stream was fairly low - today it was not.

When we got to the cobblestone bridge we had our apple and considered our options. We sometimes go across to Harbor Brook and take that back to the road. The stream section today had been a bit stressful for Kelley- she doesn't like some of the bridges and goes around them in the water. She also doesn't like swiftly flowing water so there was a bit of back and forth negotiating some crossings. I decide we would take the easy route and return on the carriage roads.

The pictures, after this point, were ruined by something on the lens ( probably from Kelley shaking herself) - that I didn't detect until later.

The positive  about this side of the pond is that locals walk their dogs on the first section and Kelley gets to meet them. Today, probably because the first nice day in awhile ,  there were lots of people and dogs  ( at one point there were five dogs at once) and this pleased Kelley. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

A nice hike on a beautiful day though Kelley seemed a bit gimpy when we got home so we will do something very easy tomorrow.  2  3/4 hours

Friday, October 24, 2014

10/24/14 Downtown Bangor

This is the fourth day of rain. When it got to just a drizzle for awhile we went downtown for a bit and walked around. Kelley doesn't usually get as excited about town as she does about the woods but she was just glad to be out somewhere besides the neighborhood. There were even a few people about for her to greet and one dog. We didn't stay long as the rain soon picked up again.

There are even still some flowers

Some of the other things we saw

Tomorrow it's not supposed to rain and we are to get some sun and warmer temps. Trying to think of a place to hike that won't be too soggy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/21/14 Walden

Not quite as cold as yesterday but a mix of sun and clouds- all clouds by end of hike - and rain forecast for this afternoon and the next three days- going to be a challenge to get in our hikes.

We started for the Loop Trail from the end of Tamarack Trail - starting to look a bit wintry

also along the rail bed

but there was also water Kelley could get into

We continued on the rail bed past the Loop Trail connection and took an old woods road into some unmarked trails. We followed them for awhile- nothing familiar and not coming out where I expected ; we eventually came back out onto the rail bed at a different spot. Back to a side trail that Kelley likes off the snowmobile trail to the rest of the Loop Trail which took us back to the start.

Did find some wildflowers still surviving

Not a bad outing in spite on the impending rain. the woods were still pretty, Kelley had water and seemed to like the hike, and it was very peaceful as we met no one.  1 3/4 hours