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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/20/14 Hogback Mountain

Sunny but cool- didn't get out of the 40's . Last time we were in this area we skipped Hogback and that is what we would do today. We started from where the Hemlock Hollow Trail crosses Halldale Rd.

Lots of leaves on the ground

When we reached the loop trail up to the overlook we found there had been a lot more timber cutting and road building. The sign indicating the trail was gone and we had to look about to find the trail- this part is private land and the owner can do as he pleases. We talked to him one day and he says he plans to replace all the trail signs and has other plans for access.

Once we got on the trail up it was unchanged until we got to the ledge that provides a view. In August the views were through the trees

Since then many trees have been removed and opened up the view.

Kelley enjoying it

and a pano view - click for larger view

Hogback Overlook  10-20-14

The other side of the loop going down was not untouched- there were even roads that crossed it. And it was confusing when we got back down to Howard Rd. which used to be a grown over old road and is now freshly plowed with roads crossing. The owner talked about making it so people could drive up for views but I did not think he was referring to here. It will be interesting to see how this all develops.

Kelley waiting for me to catch up- trailhead for the Hemlock Hollow.

In spite of the surprise construction it turned out to be a pretty nice hike. Most of the way was not changed from what we knew and Kelley was enthusiastic and seemingly enjoying herself.  2  1/2 hours


  1. Love the photo of Kelley sitting so patiently waiting for you.

    1. Thanks Kim- she also stops at any intersection to see which way we are going

  2. The views are marvelous--I can imagine it's so nice seeing it "in person".

    1. Thanks Sue - and a big surprise from our last visit


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