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Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/26/14 Bangor

We woke up to fog and drizzle. After yesterdays hike I had decided Kelley needed an easy day so when it looked like it was clearing we went downtown for an hour. She headed us straight for the Kenduskeag Stream Trail which starts a short way from where we parked. If not that she would head for the river.

A shot of the stream from the bridge crossing it. You can see the first part of the trail on the left.

. The first part of the trail

and looking back

From the foot bridge  over the stream. The first third of a mile or so the stream has walls to contain it but they soon disappear. The trail is on the right next to the stream - Kelley can't get in here but she knows where she can and it's not far.

looking across

When we reached the first spot Kelley can get in we climbed down the bank but the water was moving to fast for her and she only got her feet wet and a drink. She seemed to realize it was not going to be different at the other places she gets in so we turned back and near the end we even deserted the trail for the streets

Some of the things we saw

There are still a few flowers. Don't know what this is

Almost finished cleome

We met several people who gave Kelley some attention and she got a little exercise so it worked out pretty well.  The rain held off 'till late afternoon.


  1. Lovely fall colors! And nice reflection on your first photo.

  2. You've captured some lovely colors with those photos. I'm glad Kelley is smart enough to stay. Out of the fast moving water!

    1. Thank you- Kelley doesn't like fast moving water- problem on Jordan Stream day before - or waves. she likes ponds best.

  3. Good for Kelley..she got to limber up those creaky joints..I know the feeling well..

  4. Great photos as always! The unidentified plant is castor bean - lovely but poisonous!


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