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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/28/14 Long Ledges and Baker Hill

Forties, cloudy, and sprinkling. Supposed to be real rain tomorrow so we wanted to hike today anyway.

This time we started from the Long Ledges trailhead.  A pretty trail through woods.

Since the last time we were here they have added a bunch of red flags to the blue paint blazes. At the turn just past the Upper Ledges Loop there was a trail off to the side with neither blazes nor flags ( I have added it's approximate location) and we decided to check it out. It brought us to a pond

We continued on for awhile but not knowing where it led we turned back to resume the route we had planned. Unfortunately the intersection just past that trail has caused us confusion in the past and did again today. Somehow we ended up at the northern gate and turned around to go back and get on track- which we did.

Another section of trail

The West Loop took us to Long Pond

We continued on to reach the ledges on Baker Hill which give some nice views

a pano - please click for large view

Baker Hill View  10-28-14

We completed the loop and  headed back to our start. Kelley found a little more water

A pretty nice hike. We got sprinkles but not heavy enough to get us out of the woods. The sun tried to come out a couple of times but failed. Kelley seemed to have no problems- I picked this as an easy hike for her.

2  3/4 hours 


  1. As I was scrolling down reading--I wondered if you ever got "off course", and just then you said you did get off track. I have trouble with maps in the woods--I get all turned around. Hubby isn't any better. We don't wander too far in for fear we'll be one of those folks on the news............lost!

    1. Hi Sue - we do fairly frequently - i have a terrible sense of direction.. Luckily Kelley is very good at following trails. I will look back to see her sitting at the spot where I went off the trail. Best is when she leads and I can just follow her- She does that even with snow in winter


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