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Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/18/14 City Forest

The last two days were rainy and we just walked around the neighborhood. Today is better but still a chance of rain but we are bored - so someplace close.

We did our usual start from the end of Kittredge Rd. , across the meadow and down to the pond

There is still some nice color in this area.

We also did our usual route, taking West Trail to the end and then  the old rail bed. We met several people and dogs- some Kelley knew and some new. She was happy to see them all. After taking advantage of the water along the rail bed we followed it and found a little more color

We then took the side trail back to West Trail. The last time we were here everything had dried up except the beaver pond and end of the rail bed. Today there was lots of water- this was across the trail.

Back at the beaver pond it was a final swim

 and then up the hill and back across the meadow.

Looking back as we climb the hill

By the time we finished we were getting some sun and it had not rained so with all the water, the people, and  the dogs it turned out to be a very nice outing.  2 hours 


  1. Beautiful blue skies too - a nice day for a hike.

    1. Hi Kim - it did turn out to be a nice day

  2. The fall colors are great! Still waiting around here....our unseasonably warm weather isn't helping!

    1. Thank you- unseasonable here too- no frost in my garden yet and we usually get the first inn September

  3. I do not know how I "stumbled" across your blog, but I have to tell you how much I enjoy your photos. I'm just crazy about the outdoors and I enjoy the pictures of your adventures a lot. Hope you and Kelley have many more walks in your future!

    1. Thank you Sue ,for visiting and for your comment


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