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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5/30/17 Newman Hill - Hinds

Nice day after more rain. Kelley was not enthusiastic but she needs to keep moving so I am pressuring her to get out - hopefully ever other day for an hour.

Lagging behind at the start

But then we came to the first small pond

Which she shared with a family of geese.

Don't know this plant

finally some insects

This pond looked nice and clear until Kelley got in.

Wild strawberry blossoms

Almost back to the car but there was a pool beside the trail

Wild lupine just opening

Turned out to be a pleasant little hike and Kelley did well after a slow start

Monday, May 29, 2017

5/28/17 Little River Trail

More gray rainy days left us just walking in the neighborhood but today is beautiful. Mid fifties and sunny. Picked this because I thought the water would encourage Kelley. She is still tentative about hiking was not overly enthusiastic but did do OK and took advantage of all the water.

The reservoir from the parking lot.

and into the water

Not sure what it is about this tree but I have photographed in many times in all seasons.

no wildflowers except some tine white ones - so....

Lots of water over the spillway - the second reservoir

Another chance to get in the water

Also following the trail

I almost always get some lichen too

Last chance

A pleasant peaceful outing - we met no one until near the end of the hike. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

5/24/17 Perch Pond

Fifty five degrees and overcast. Decided to do the new trails here which we have only done once When we first hiked here we did the Spruce Trail but the other trails had not been built. And the Spruce was not in good shape.

Finally looking like life has returned

Only two of these but a welcome sight

Lots of bunchberry

Decided Kelly would really like the pond so at point 7 we took an unfamiliar trail and headed toward it. We soon came to a section where the trail was overgrown and not clear. I was ready to give up ( last time we had spent a long time looking for the trails) when Kelley took the initiative and led the way.

We reached the pond

It was not a good spot for Kelley to get in the pond but there was a nice little pool she liked

We then followed the shore toward a spot Kelley could enter and saw these fishermen - only people we saw on the hike.

The pond was very pretty with a smooth surface reflecting the sky that was trying to clear


Then we worked on a different route back. There were lots of violets

 and leaves till unfurling

Adding the walk along the shore and the route back from there made the hike longer than intended and though Kelley had done well she was clearly ready to end the hike while we still had a way to go. She slowed and lagged behind for the last part. Tomorrow will be a day to lay around the yard. The hike ended up being almost 2 1/2 hours. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

5/20 and 5/21/17 Two Outings

A pretty day with lots of sun. We hadn't been to northern Pond in awhile so I made the 25 mile drive.

We always go to the canoe launch first so Kelley can get in the water. Today the water was high and the bog bridges were floating.

Which was fine with Kelley

At the start of the trails she sat and did not want to continue so we returned to the car.

Another pretty morning. Not knowing Kelley's intentions I took us to the nearby Kenduskeag - 3 miles from home.

The water here was also high

First things first

Still no wildflowers but lots of new leaves

Almost done

Some of the rapids on the stream

This guy was also practicing maneuvering the rocks in the rapids

After a bit Kelley had had enough and let me know she wanted to turn back. On the way another go at the water

A nice little outing on a beautiful day.

Friday, May 19, 2017

5/18/17 Harbor Brook

Forecast for today in Bangor is for 91 degrees but two weather sites say only 71 at Acadia so that's where we headed. This turned out to be wrong as it was 85 when we finished the hike.

Into the water first thing. You can see trees that have fallen across the stream - there were a lot of them.

They are rerouting the trail because of problems with erosion.

Only flowers today - a small bush

Again you can see trees across the stream

I had to search for clear shots of the stream

Lots of new bog bridges

Some nice ripples.

A nice hour and a half in the woods. Kelley did well and was very happy with all the water