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Friday, May 12, 2017

5/12/17 Perch Pond

We have had a stretch of really dreary weather - clouds and on and off sprinkles. Also Kelley has not been interested - we did one very short hike along the Kenduskeag and otherwise just walked in the neighborhood. I am still adjusting her meds and working to help her lose weight.

Fifty degrees and cloudy this morning We had not started on the South Trail in some time and I was hoping the novelty would inspire Kelley.

First part of the trail is through a wet area.

 with a small stream - a drink for Kelley

and then a wet spot in the trail to lie down in

Spring is in evidence with the new leaves coming out on the trees.

 we find figures like these at various spots along the trails

The small pond didn't look very inviting to me.

 but Kelley thought it was fine

 I had given up hope of wildflowers when I found this flowering bush

Kelley did very well today - better than she has in a long time - but after about 45 minuted she sat to tell me we had gone far enough and we turned back

She quickly found another pool to lie in.

No more flowers but some new leaves

A nice hour and a half hike in spite of the lack of sun . We had the place to ourselves and it was peaceful.  I was  really pleased that Kelley did so well.


  1. Maybe she is starting to adjust to her meds. I bet finding water always makes the trip worth it for her.

    1. Hi Kim- that could be too- wish she could tell me what is going on. You are right about the water


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