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Monday, May 22, 2017

5/20 and 5/21/17 Two Outings

A pretty day with lots of sun. We hadn't been to northern Pond in awhile so I made the 25 mile drive.

We always go to the canoe launch first so Kelley can get in the water. Today the water was high and the bog bridges were floating.

Which was fine with Kelley

At the start of the trails she sat and did not want to continue so we returned to the car.

Another pretty morning. Not knowing Kelley's intentions I took us to the nearby Kenduskeag - 3 miles from home.

The water here was also high

First things first

Still no wildflowers but lots of new leaves

Almost done

Some of the rapids on the stream

This guy was also practicing maneuvering the rocks in the rapids

After a bit Kelley had had enough and let me know she wanted to turn back. On the way another go at the water

A nice little outing on a beautiful day.


  1. That water is really high..right up Kelley's was a beautiful day for sure

    1. Hi- yes, it was both- a beautiful day and Kelley loved it


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