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Monday, July 30, 2018

7/29/18 Beaver Pond Cty Forest

We have had a string of hot humid days. Neither of us has been very energetic but we have driven to the pond or the Kenduskeag and Kelley elected to stay in the car. This morning she decided to go down to the pond.

First things first

It was a bit breezy and so hard to get flower pics but I managed a few - this is Mullen

Don't know what these are


Queen Anne's Lace - I like this plant and shoot it in all it's forms

Unknown insect

Just a dandelion

More chicory

We stayed at the pond, with Kelley going in and out and me wandering around looking for pictures

Saturday, July 21, 2018

7/20/18 Short Walk Along the Kenduskeag

Another hot day so I thought I could get Kelley out because of the water. She did get out of the car but wasn't interested in a long walk.

Some Queen Anne's Lace on the way to the stream

Reason we are here

There were lots of wildflowers

Not yet open

We have had little rain so the stream was low.

Some kind of beetle

More QAL

and a hoverfly

Still more QAL

Back in the water

On the way to the car

We didn't get much exercise but Kelley got the water and a short walk and there were things for me to photograph. I was glad she got some exercise as most days she just wnts to lie in the yard and watch the  world go by.

Friday, July 13, 2018

7/12/18 Along the Kenduskeag

Pretty morning with comfortable temperatures. Last couple of times we came here Kelley did not get out of the car but this morning she did.

Just some nice leaves

and some burdock

The stream was low but Kelley was happy

There were lots of wildflowers

Another place to get in the water

A creature in this one

"This is as far as I want to go" - so we turned back

Last chance before we head up to the car

Kelley did well this morning. We didn't go far but she seemed to enjoy being out and as usual loved the water.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

7/7/18 Harbor Brook

Beautiful day with sun and temps in the 70's so decided to drive to Acadia and hope Kelley would want to hike. She did and we were off on her favorite trail.

First chance at the stream.

Leading the way

The woods are fairly dense so there are not many wildflowers

Doesn't have to be the stream. Any water will do.

She does love the water

We rarely meet anyone on this trail but met several today - visitors must have discovered it. Kelley did very well today - better than she has in a long time and we did the hike we used to do.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

6/30/18 City Forest

We have been here several times since the last post but Kelley didn't get out of the car. Very hot now and today she decided the pond would be good.

The meadow on the way to the pond was in bloom


Don't know what these are and I couldn't get any real close ups because my camera had locked ( figured it out when we got home)

Just some daisies

We met a couple who gave Kelley some attention as we chatted and then one last time in the water

Kelley did not want to walk past the pond but she was more energetic on the way up and down. We shall see if that is a general improvement or a one timer.