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Sunday, July 1, 2018

6/30/18 City Forest

We have been here several times since the last post but Kelley didn't get out of the car. Very hot now and today she decided the pond would be good.

The meadow on the way to the pond was in bloom


Don't know what these are and I couldn't get any real close ups because my camera had locked ( figured it out when we got home)

Just some daisies

We met a couple who gave Kelley some attention as we chatted and then one last time in the water

Kelley did not want to walk past the pond but she was more energetic on the way up and down. We shall see if that is a general improvement or a one timer.


  1. Kelly has the right idea. Not enjoying this heat at all.
    Wild flowers are so pretty. We went to Sebasticook Lake last week and it was so nice and there were so many different wildflowers including Forget-me-Nots, so pretty

    1. Thank you Serafina - I'm not a hot weather fan either

  2. These photos are absolutely incredible. I would love to visit this place sometime when the weather cools off. Have a nice rest of your week. Thanks for the share. Keep up the posts.
    World of Animals

    1. Thanks for your nice comment . I recommend fall after the kids are in school and the bugs are gone


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