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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/29/14 Frye Mountain

More clouds than sun, 43 degrees, and windy to start but it got sunnier, the wind diminished and we ended at 54 degrees. There is a short trail that runs from one of the old roads straight up the mountain. Twice this winter we walked the roads looking for the trail head but did not find it. We had seen it's start at the summit ( but had never walked it) , so today we would go up the mountain on the usual trail and then take the short trail down and see where we came out. To save time ( we thought) we walked the roads to where the trail crosses and picked it up there.

This is from the SW Outlook part way up.

Continuing up the mountain we came to a large granite ledge from which we could see our goal in the distance.

Soon after we were walking down again and then back up, etc.

Looking back down as we near the top

At the top we stopped by the base of the old fire tower that is no more for an apple break.

The start of the trail we came to explore

As we started down it quickly turned into an old woods road and when it reached the road  did not look like a trail, which explained why we had passed it by before.

As we were walking the road we came upon a patch of new growth- a most welcome sight

When we reached the road we had come in on we turned and picked up the part of the Frye Mtn. Trail we had skipped on our way up and took that back. This route was only about 25 minutes longer than the route we had followed earlier.

Turned out to be a very nice day in the woods even though the long sought trail was a bit of a disappointment. Kelley seemed to enjoy herself and on all but one section there was lots of water and she took advantage of it.  3  1/4 hours

Monday, April 28, 2014

4/28/14 Walden

Rainy weather continues. Yesterday we went downtown for a walk during a lull and I let Kelley pick the route. We did a small circle and back to the car- unusual for her to lose interest so quickly. This morning it was raining when we got up so I spent some time on indoor seedlings and  when the rain stopped we went to Walden. We started from the parking area  at the end  of Tamarack Trail, took the northern side of the Loop Trail to the old rail bed., and walked that until water across the trail stopped us ( me) .

There were some wet and muddy spots but mostly the trails were in good shape- and no ice -

but on the bare side. We did see this green stump and an interesting fungus

We went a short ways down a side trail that we use in winter but a stream that runs across and into the bog   stopped us .

Kelley took advantage of water everywhere

On our way back, instead of following the rail bed to the other part of the Loop Trail we followed the snowmobile trail to a small trail that leads back to the loop- Kelley likes this route for some reason.

It was good to be out hiking, even in 40 something degree windy conditions and we got in two hours with only very light sprinkles. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

4/26/14 City Forest

Gray day with a forecast of rain through tomorrow. We went to the forest to get in a hike before it started. Just did the West Trail to the old rail bed and that to a side trail back to the West to complete our loop ( with a detour Kelley wanted, down to the beaver pond) . We met lots of people and dogs also getting in a hike before...  There was lots of water and Kelley got in almost every chance she could. Was hoping we would finally get some spring things but not until near the parking lot on the way back did we find wildflowers.

Some of what we saw

Early spring butterflies

Pretty good two hours. We didn't get rained on and Kelley liked the water and all the people and dogs 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

4/25/14 Hidden Ponds

 Old map modified to show changes made- the red sections are no longer maintained and do not appear on the newer maps. The trails can still be hiked and the trail to Tilden is in good shape and easy to follow.

This map was given to me by another hiker- he has added old trails, including the trail to Spring River Lake

Last two days were rainy so we were ready for a nice day. Mostly sunny, temps from mid 40's to mid 50's. and a bit breezy.

It was very nice to see a trail without snow or ice - near the start

We followed the trail to Tilden Pond and then continued along the pond to near it's end

where there is a little path down to the pond

or an old woods road/trail to Spring River Lake. Parts of this trail are wet ( we have found it so even in summer) but there is a small bypass around the wettest section.

Kelly at the lake

Pano of the lake- please click for a larger version

Spring River Lake pano 4-25-14

Wet  dog

We then retraced our steps back to the new Loop Trail . you can see Salmon Pond through the trees before you come to Little Long Pond

Continuing on we passed a small stream coming out of the rocks

and then Salmon Pond

A  good hike on a beautiful day. We only saw a couple of tiny patches of snow and Kelley enjoyed all the water. We met no one during the three hours of the hike.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4/22/14 Lagrange Rail-Trail

Cool ( 40's ) gray and drizzly but supposed to be worse tomorrow so we headed for Medford. The first part of the trail is reported to be quite wet so we start at Medford Center from the town office. Although only 35 or 40 miles north of Bangor,  where the snow is pretty much gone, this was the start of the trail.

There were small sections without snow but the trail was mostly snowy. There was also a lot of water as the trail passes beaver ponds, marshy areas, and streams.

We reached a point after a road where the trail became quits a bit wider and then was almost clear. At that point we turned and headed back. Turned out to be a pretty good hike. By the time we had  started the drizzle had stopped and we got some sun along with the clouds- but it stayed mostly overcast. It also warmed - around 60 at the end - and the walking was easy. 3  1/4 hours 

Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 Sears Island

Mix of sun and clouds with clouds increasing- around 50 but windy so it felt much colder.

Coming onto the island

Starting down the east shore

Kelley only got in the ocean once because the surf increased and she does not like waves



First wildflowers of the year!

When we came to the Blue Trail we got off the beach and out of the wind. I was tired of the rocks- the beach is mostly rocks- and I think Kelley was too. We found this skunk cabbage just coming up. Not a pretty picture but new growth.

We then took the gravel road to the Homestead Trail and that back to the shore for lunch. We were spoiled by yesterdays weather but we still got a hike in and that was good.  2  1/4 hours