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Monday, April 7, 2014

4/6/14 Down East Sunrise Trail

Yesterday it rained all day and we just took a short walk downtown. Today it is sunny and 39 but the wind made it feel cooler. This was not our first choice. We went to Hidden Ponds but still could not get into the parking lot. Dynamite Brook Road was also not plowed so we drove back to where this trail crosses Rte. 182. There were signs saying the trail was closed because of saturated soil and no riding. Didn't seem to prevent walking.

There were patches of bare wet soil and it didn't look very good at the start

But it quickly improved and was mostly more snow than dirt, with a few icy patches.

We met a couple with their dog near the start but no one else the rest of the hike.

The Card Mill Stream crosses the trail and Kelley looked for a way down to it but the banks were steep

Further on we came to a side trail that leads back to a pond ( we had taken it in the past). It is crossed by a small stream near the start.

This trail, because it was in the woods, had more snow and a fair amount of ice.

I think this is the end of Donnell Pond- the map is a bit confusing ( lots of printing crammed together) but you can see Schoodic Mtn. where it should be

Kelley was disappointed to find the pond frozen over but soon found where a stream flows out of the pond

And got an actual swim

 the stream

We had lunch and headed back.

A marshy area along the way

Nearly back and one more chance to get in the water

Turned out to be a good hike. Pretty day and mostly good footing. 3 hours 


  1. Looks like things are melting in your area. More open water for Kelley to get her swim in!

    1. Yes, Linda- seemed like it would never happen- 50's today and even more water for Kelley. She used to be nervous about ice but now crosses it to get to water- makes me nervous.

  2. Your snow is melting fast. Kelley will be happy when all the ice is gone I bet.

    1. Hi Kim- yes, finally and you are right about Kelley- she is not fond of ice.

  3. More and more bare ground..and less and less ice is a good thing..I've got to check out the trail this spring..

    1. Yes it is, penbayman. We have only done a small part of this long trail.


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