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Friday, April 11, 2014

4/11/14 Walden Parke

Started out gray but the sun came out and it was in the upper 50's when we got here- first hike in shirt sleeves this year. The plan today was to find a good hike for tomorrow with a friend, We first went to the Perch Pond trails- still can't get in parking lot but I got off the road and briefly checked the trails- Kelley wouldn't get out of the car- ice and snow with little evidence of use. Next we went to Demeritt  Forest. Again, Kelley wasn't interested so I just walked a short way in and it looked like mostly packed snow- but I didn't go far. Next stop was Walden and Kelley decided to join me.

From the parking area it didn't look promising - mud and water saturated ground

It improved as we walked the east side of the loop , with deeper snow in some sections but not too bad

When we reached the rail bed it looked mostly bare

but we were soon into more snow but, again, not bad

When we got on the east side of the loop we found a lot more snow that had had less traffic. This was more difficult as we both kept breaking through and it became a bit of a slog.

Kelley didn't like breaking through and looked at me accusingly. She did find lots of water though. So this was a very mixed bag- from bare ground to fairly deep snow. Something I had not encountered before was snowless leaf covered ground that looked dry until I stepped on it and sank into water- very saturated ground. We only walked for an hour and a quarter but got in a walk on a beautiful day. 

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