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Monday, April 28, 2014

4/28/14 Walden

Rainy weather continues. Yesterday we went downtown for a walk during a lull and I let Kelley pick the route. We did a small circle and back to the car- unusual for her to lose interest so quickly. This morning it was raining when we got up so I spent some time on indoor seedlings and  when the rain stopped we went to Walden. We started from the parking area  at the end  of Tamarack Trail, took the northern side of the Loop Trail to the old rail bed., and walked that until water across the trail stopped us ( me) .

There were some wet and muddy spots but mostly the trails were in good shape- and no ice -

but on the bare side. We did see this green stump and an interesting fungus

We went a short ways down a side trail that we use in winter but a stream that runs across and into the bog   stopped us .

Kelley took advantage of water everywhere

On our way back, instead of following the rail bed to the other part of the Loop Trail we followed the snowmobile trail to a small trail that leads back to the loop- Kelley likes this route for some reason.

It was good to be out hiking, even in 40 something degree windy conditions and we got in two hours with only very light sprinkles. 


  1. Don't you wish Kelley could talk and tell you what she's thinking?

    1. Yes, I do Kim, And sometimes, what she wants, or what's wrong. She definitely has a mind of her own.


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