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Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/30/14 Tunk Mountain

Another nice day- sun with clouds coming and 60's again. The last time we tried to do this one the deer flies were so thick we didn't even get out of the car. Today two found Kelley at the start and after I killed them we saw no more- also no mosquitoes. This is one of three ways up Tunk and the easiest for Kelley.

A peak off to the side on the way up

This is a fairly steady, not too steep, uphill until you reach the ridge

The trail is fairly level along the ridge, in and out of woods, until you reach the trail heading down to the ponds. At that point we turned around and headed back.

Some shots of the trail along the ridge and views from it.

I found this tiny flower ( about 1/2 inch) near the end

Turned out to be a nice hike in spite of not a lot of water- there is a pond off the road you walk to the trail head and then one small stream on the trail- nothing up above. She was still enthusiastic and think she liked that it was quite breezy up top. Kelley had to drink the water I carried- she prefers to find her own. She was very happy when we got back down and she could get in some water. 2  1/2 hours 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

8/29/14 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

Another beautiful day- sunny, light breeze , 60 degrees when we started and 67 at the end- no deer flies or mosquitoes. Only negative for Kelley was that the several small streams the trail crosses were almost all dry- but, of course, she had the two ponds.

We walked past the trail to Partridge to take the little used trail to the north end of the pond.

Then back to the trail into the south end of the pond

One of many dips in the ponds

Back down the trail and into Ducktail. There was a tent set up at the camp site but no sign  of the campers.

The reeds were quite colorful

After our little lunch we headed back. We met two women coming in and that made Kelley happy. She did well on this hike in spite of her disappointment with the dry streams- she anticipates them and goes ahead when we near one. A very nice hike  2  1/2 hours 

Friday, August 29, 2014

8/28/14 Georges Highland Path and Hogback

Beautiful day- back in the 70's, light breeze, no deer flies. Last time we tried this hike we found it confusing when we got to the Mountain Rd., because of all the work going on in the area. We decided to give it another try.

We started from Rte. 220 rather than the actual trail head so Kelley would not have to cross a road. This is a pretty walk in the woods though with  a fair amount of up and down.

When we reached the Mountain Rd. the landscape was changed again.

but we walked up the road and found the trail up Hogback.

We completed the loop and started back down the road but found it even more altered. Luckily there was a man on a huge machine who got down to point us the way. Turned out to be the owner and he told us about the project. Taking out the trees is prelude to pastures for cows  and apple orchards ( this is to leave to his children ) . He also plans a road so that people who can't walk it can get to an overlook ( not Hogback) . A very nice man with a huge project - he plans to put up signs to direct hikers to the trail.

Very little water on this hike and Kelley had to make do with a tiny stream

A very pleasant hike with only a slip off a bog bridge right at the end. I sank into muck almost to my knee. In spite of lack of water ( to get into- I carry drinking water) Kelley was enthusiastic and enjoying the cooler weather. There are several places where the trail is not clear and Kelley always got me back on track. If she is behind me she stops until I notice and go back to her and the trail.  2  1/2 hours

Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/27/14 Kenduskeag Stream Trail

Another hot day and neither of us was in the mood for a long hike. This trail starts about 2 miles from home and follows the stream to downtown..

The water gets fairly low in summer

But there are still pools for Kelley

We didn't go far as Kelley was lagging behind and, even with the water,  not enthusiastic.  I took a few pictures and we went home and had an easy day.

I think a wild snapdragon

Another I don't know

Starting tomorrow it is supposed to be back in the 70's and we will do much better.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/26/14 Redman Beach

Another day of upper 80's- we headed for the area near Franklin, which was a bit cooler, and an easy hike with water for Kelley. We learned about this trail, and got the map, from another hiker we met on Tunk Mt.  It starts from the end of Dynamite Brook Rd. and is an old woods road that is mostly grown in to a single path.

About twenty minutes into the hike we crossed a small stream.

Redman Beach ( called Black on the map) is on Donnell Pond and other routes to it are longer and hillier. We usually find no one there but there were three families camping- they had come by canoe from across the pond. Kelley was happy to greet all these folks and the several small children as well as enjoy the pond.

We walked to the end of the beach- the beach people use is much like an ordinary beach.

After greeting folks again , and Kelley getting in the water several more times, we headed back.

A couple more pictures

Reflections in the stream

This was a very pleasant hike. Other than at the pond we were in mostly shaded woods which were pretty and quiet. 2  1/4 hours 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8/25/14 City Forest

Supposed to hit 90 today so we went for an early hike at nearby City Forest- neither of us likes it hot. We started from the end of Kittredge Rd. and did our usual route.

First things first- the beaver pond is getting lower but still plenty of water for Kelley and we met a nice couple who recognized us from our blog , and that is always a pleasant surprise. She  has a blog on kayaking which we visited  -

There were no deer flies or mosquitoes when we started and none until a few found us on the old rail bed but not really a problem. We also saw two porcupines on the rail bed- the first Kelley just watched as it waddled off into the brush , the second she started forward to meet but came back when I called her and it too wandered into the brush.

The long stinger looking thing on this wasp is, I believe,  an ovipositor  for depositing her eggs and not a stinger.

Another wildflower I don't know

And two shots of a small Viceroy

A pretty good outing but we were glad to finish when we did as it was getting warm.  2 hours

Monday, August 25, 2014

8/24/14 Eliot Mt. and Harbor Brook

80's forecast near home and 70's at the coast so we headed for Acadia. We started the Eliot Mt. Trail from the trail head on the highway. This is a pretty woods hike. We met a man and his dog coming down and then two women - unusual as we usually see no one on this trail.

The summit is wooded without views but you get a glimpse of the ocean from a ledge near the top

Mostly fairly dense woods so few flowers or insects. We did find some fungi

The hike up had been fairly dry with only a couple skimpy streams for Kelley. We took the Asticou across to the Harbor Brook and it was water the rest of the way.

Semi impressionist Kelley

Kelley really likes this trail and was constantly in and out of the water. We had no deer flies until we reached the brook and then there were only a few and not a problem. This was a very pleasant hike.  2  1/4 hours

Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/23/14 DeMeritt Forest

Mix of sun and clouds and 70's- and no deer flies. We also managed, for the first time, to navigate the entire hike without getting off track- even the Black Trails. On a less positive note, I was trying some new camera settings and screwed up most of my pictures.

We started from the Logan Rd. entrance and followed the route marked. One picture - from the Red Trail

Some of the trails were still muddy, especially the White but we managed to get through it with only muddy boots and pants.

After the trails we crossed the road to the Stillwater for lunch and a swim for Kelley

Beside the river there are small cove-like areas of water

Kelley helped with these. The water was mirror smooth as I was about to shoot some reflections and then she jumped in.

Other than the photo missteps it was a good hike. We especially appreciated the lack of deer flies and Kelley was able to find water to get into. We only met two people. 2  1/4 hours