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Monday, August 11, 2014

8/10/14 Perch Pond

Another nice day in the 70's . Turned out there were still some deer flies but it wasn't too bad. This area has always presented a problem following the map and we always end up going in circles at some point. Today  we started from the trail head on Poplar St. and I decided we would only take trails at intersections that were clearly marked ( all are not ). We followed the route shown with no missteps until the end of the Shore   Trail  ( purple X) . It looks like an easy trek up Wild Kingdom to the South Trail back but the trail configuration does not match what's on the map and we ended up trying several ways and again going in circles.  At one point we found a sign saying " to South Trail" but it was taking us back toward the small pond, which we eventually gave up and followed.

Kelley was enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy these trails , especially when we got to the shore section and she could get in the pond.

These two were hanging from a single thin thread and I was puzzled as to how this had developed.

And a grasshopper beside the pond as I waited for Kelley to have one more swim.

Not a bad hike, in spite of the frustration near the end.   2  1/2 hours 


  1. Love the photos of Kelley swimming in the pond.

    1. Thanks Linda- I'm afraid people will start saying , " not another picture of Kelley in the water ?"

  2. I always enjoy seeing her in the water. Such fun for her.


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