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Friday, August 29, 2014

8/28/14 Georges Highland Path and Hogback

Beautiful day- back in the 70's, light breeze, no deer flies. Last time we tried this hike we found it confusing when we got to the Mountain Rd., because of all the work going on in the area. We decided to give it another try.

We started from Rte. 220 rather than the actual trail head so Kelley would not have to cross a road. This is a pretty walk in the woods though with  a fair amount of up and down.

When we reached the Mountain Rd. the landscape was changed again.

but we walked up the road and found the trail up Hogback.

We completed the loop and started back down the road but found it even more altered. Luckily there was a man on a huge machine who got down to point us the way. Turned out to be the owner and he told us about the project. Taking out the trees is prelude to pastures for cows  and apple orchards ( this is to leave to his children ) . He also plans a road so that people who can't walk it can get to an overlook ( not Hogback) . A very nice man with a huge project - he plans to put up signs to direct hikers to the trail.

Very little water on this hike and Kelley had to make do with a tiny stream

A very pleasant hike with only a slip off a bog bridge right at the end. I sank into muck almost to my knee. In spite of lack of water ( to get into- I carry drinking water) Kelley was enthusiastic and enjoying the cooler weather. There are several places where the trail is not clear and Kelley always got me back on track. If she is behind me she stops until I notice and go back to her and the trail.  2  1/2 hours


  1. Sounds like a perfect day, except for the muck. :-)

    1. Hi Kim - It was a real treat after those hot days.


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