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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11/28/16 Downtown Bangor

After three gray days with rain and a few snow flakes we got sun. In the woods it is now what some call 'stick season', no leaves. flowers, or color except the green pines and no snow. Decided to go downtown where we hadn't walked in some time. We had sun but wind and temps in the 30's.

We started our walk along the Penobscot River - this a view upriver .

There are only a couple of places Kelley can get in the water. I couldn't get her in the water because she had  had the sun directly behind her.

We walked back on the street , doing a small loop.

City leaf

Back in the water just before the end

Not an exciting walk, with few people about for Kelley to greet, but Kelley did very well. She was more enthusiastic than she's been in awhile, taking the lead most of the time. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

11/24/16 DeMeritt Forest

I am using a borrowed laptop and got some old software working. Problem is screen on laptop - different tilts give different brightness so I tried to match older posts - they may be off a bit.

Cold and dreary - 30's with lots of clouds. I read that lots of Maine families go hunting on Thanksgiving so we picked a spot where hunting is not allowed. Kelley was not very enthusiastic ( neither was I) but we did a bit of the Logan Rd. before going across the road to the river.

Not much color around today - this little leaf stood out

There was water in the small stream

Cove of the river

and the Stillwater

Underwater leaf

Back around the cove on our way back to the car

and one more splash

Not a great day but we got out and Kelley got wet. We also met two nice women with their dogs and that also pleased Kelley.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11/21/16 Marsh Island

Still no ability to process pictures. A dreary day with temperatures in the 30's, drizzle and a few snow flakes. Yesterday it had rained all day and we just walked around the neighborhood so we headed to a nearby spot we hadn't been to in awhile. By the time we got there the rain and snow flakes had stopped. Neither of us was very excited but we started from the end of Penobscot St. and Kelley wanted to take a new trail so we wandered until I knew where we were and headed for the river. The river was high and we couldn't find a good place for her to get in but there are some wetlands next to the river and she enjoyed those. There was also a small stream for her between the start and the river and  she got into it. Not very exciting but we got our exercise. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

11/19/16 Little Long Pond

Old map of the hike we did today. Still can't process pictures.

Decided to go  to Acadia because Kelley likes it and there is no hunting allowed. A real Maine weather day. Dense fog and 37 degrees when we left home, start of hike -  Sun and 43, end of hike - cloudy and 53, back home sun and clouds and 41.

First stop for Kelley was, of course the pond. Then as we walked along the carriage road to the West Side Trail she saw two men beside the road and we had to go up and greet them. Then another dip in the pond and the woods of the trail.When we came out of the woods and were crossing the meadow there was a man and his dog up  above and the dog was friendly and came down to greet us. Back in the woods we met a nice couple and their dog and chatted about trails that didn't require a leash and I learned about a new one. We continued to the first trail that crosses Jordan Stream - it takes you to the carriage road on the east side and then the carraige rd. back to the start, meeting more people and dogs. Kelly was not as energetic as on our last hike but did OK and enjoyed all the people and water. 1 1/2 hours

Thursday, November 17, 2016

11/17/16 Mariaville Falls

Still not able to process pictures

Rained all day yesterday and still cloudy when we got up but with partly clouded predicted. By the time we got here there was a mix if sun and clouds and 49 degrees - not bad. We had only been here once before and had a hard time finding it again. Not as bad as last time and I think I have it now.

We started at the second parking area and did the route shown, Kelley was soon in the water but not too far in as the water was moving swiftly from the rain. The waterfall is more like rapids or a series of small waterfalls rather than one with a large drop but still pretty as we hiked along the river. Much of the bank is steep with uncertain footing and I found it difficult to get the angle I wanted on the falls.

The first part of the trail ends at a turn in the river where it is much calmer and Kelley had a swim before we turned around and headed to the inland part of the loop. This section is mostly a nice walk in the woods.

Kelley was enthusiastic and did very well today. She gets excited when we are someplace new or where we haven't been in a long while-  we were last here a little over a year ago. A short but nice hike -1 hour. Still  gray and cloudy when we got home 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11/14/16 Tunk Mountain

Still having computer problems. Here are pictures from a similar hike a couple of years ago

Today was a beautiful day for hiking - sunny and 49 degrees when we started and 59 at the finish. We did the hike from Myrick Pond Rd. which is easier for Kelley. You turn of RT. 182 onto Myrick  Pond Rd., drive less than half a mile and take the right fork 0.2 mile, and park by a big boulder. The rd. from here is rougher but walking it you come to another fork and again take the right for a very short distance to the trail head to the right. No sign but fairly obvious. What I like about this route is that you have no views until you come out of the woods at the top and suddenly there is a grand view. We stopped  for an apple break and a few pictures and traveled along the ridge for a bit. We usually go to the trail that leads down to Hidden Ponds but today Kelley let me know she was ready to turn back and we did. She had done very well to that point and this had been a bit more rigorous than our latest trails. There is a swampy area near the start and finish with a good amount of water and she also found a small stream and a couple of small pools/puddles. A beautiful day. 2 hours

Sunday, November 13, 2016

11/10 and 11/12/16 Perch Pond and Harbor Brook

My computer stopped working and I am using an erratic borrowed computer without my photo software so no pictures ( I had this almost typed when the screen flickered and I lost it all - this attempt will be shorter. I give up - again, lost everything I had written except the above. Third attempt shorter still-

Both days were cool- 37 degrees but sunny and no wind. Kelley did better both days than she has in a long time. Little color left and lots of brown leaves on the ground. Lots of work on the Harbor Brook Trail which has been eroding with parts moved further up the slope and new bog bridges. 1 3/4 hours at the pond and 2 hours at Harbor Brook .Both good hikes with water for Kelley.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/8/16 Catherine Mountain

Another pretty day - 40's but sunny and no wind . This is a hike we hadn't done in awhile - little water for Kelley and a little more strenuous than our recent hikes.

One of our first views on the way up.

Kelley found a little water

A little further along

There is a lot of granite on this trail and this is the largest sheet. On one winter hike we got caught by an ice storm and I ended up sliding down on my but on sections like this.

A little more water

More views

 Reindeer Lichen

Turned out to be a good hike - part way up I no longer needed my jacket and Kelley was more energetic and enthusiastic than she has been in awhile. We rarely meet anyone on this trail but today we met four women coming down on our way up. This pleased Kelley and we had a nice chat about trails in the area. 1 3/4 hours 

Monday, November 7, 2016

11/6/16 Little long Pond

Hadn't been here in awhile so we made the drive - it was cloudy at home but sun predicted for the coast . Lower 40s and windy but the sun was shining when we got there - wished I had brought a cap.

First things first

Two views for the south end of the pond

and one from the meadow

Another place to get in the water

A piece of lichen- appears to have broken off another tree and landed here

Taking the lead

Reflection at end of Jordan Stream

Under the bridge that crosses the stream

We took the trail across to the carriage road and that back to our beginning. Kelley had not been enthusiastic at the start but did well once we got moving. We usually see lots of people on the carriage road side but today saw only a woman with two dogs and another couple but they made Kelley happy. 1 1/2 hours 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

11/4/16 Sears Island

Gray and mid 40's but the tides were right so we headed to the island.

We started out on the west shore at low tide

Some beach art - Kelley didn't seem interested

Sticks and leaves

Leaves and Seaweed

Kelley decided to be in this one

Further along the shore

 and more seaweed

More leaves on the beach

We turned onto the Green Trail headed for the east shore via the Homestead Trail

There was a small stream for Kelley

Some ferns stay green

East shore of the island - tide is still low

Into the water once more before we head to the car.

Not a bad hike in spite of the dreary weather. Some interesting things on the beach. Kelley did well and seemed to enjoy the change of pace. 1 1/4 hours