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Thursday, November 17, 2016

11/17/16 Mariaville Falls

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Rained all day yesterday and still cloudy when we got up but with partly clouded predicted. By the time we got here there was a mix if sun and clouds and 49 degrees - not bad. We had only been here once before and had a hard time finding it again. Not as bad as last time and I think I have it now.

We started at the second parking area and did the route shown, Kelley was soon in the water but not too far in as the water was moving swiftly from the rain. The waterfall is more like rapids or a series of small waterfalls rather than one with a large drop but still pretty as we hiked along the river. Much of the bank is steep with uncertain footing and I found it difficult to get the angle I wanted on the falls.

The first part of the trail ends at a turn in the river where it is much calmer and Kelley had a swim before we turned around and headed to the inland part of the loop. This section is mostly a nice walk in the woods.

Kelley was enthusiastic and did very well today. She gets excited when we are someplace new or where we haven't been in a long while-  we were last here a little over a year ago. A short but nice hike -1 hour. Still  gray and cloudy when we got home 


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    1. Thanks Linda - I think a new one is in order


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