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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11/28/16 Downtown Bangor

After three gray days with rain and a few snow flakes we got sun. In the woods it is now what some call 'stick season', no leaves. flowers, or color except the green pines and no snow. Decided to go downtown where we hadn't walked in some time. We had sun but wind and temps in the 30's.

We started our walk along the Penobscot River - this a view upriver .

There are only a couple of places Kelley can get in the water. I couldn't get her in the water because she had  had the sun directly behind her.

We walked back on the street , doing a small loop.

City leaf

Back in the water just before the end

Not an exciting walk, with few people about for Kelley to greet, but Kelley did very well. She was more enthusiastic than she's been in awhile, taking the lead most of the time. 


  1. What a gorgeous outing. I think you have some really great places to walk---even in town seems nice!
    We're having sun and FIFTY degrees today. I'm hanging out laundry, for pete's sake. I like it, but where is winter??

    1. Thanks Sue- We do live in a pretty area. It's been colder here and a dusting of snow this afternoon but not real winter yet

  2. Looks like a beautiful sunny day!

    1. It was and now we are back to more rain- new computer on the way

  3. It's always a good day when the sun shines. So glad Kelley got to get wet :) You're getting pretty clever with your photos, John! The lightpost shadow is so interesting on the brick wall. I like the leaf, too.

    1. Thanks for your comment Betty - the sun was especially nice as it was only one day and then back to clouds


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