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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

8/27/18 Beaver Pond City Forest

We have been over here several times since our last visit but Kelley always refused to get out of the car.  Today she did, maybe because she senses it's going to hot today.

She wasn't interested in going beyond the pond so while she enjoyed the water I looked for pictures.

Queen Anne's Lace curling up

There were lots of bees today - this one on chicory

Purple Loosestrife

On Birdsfoot Trefoil

 Don't know this flower

Coming back up the hill.

Not really a hike but kelley got to enjoy the water and we did get a short walk 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

8/22/18 Beaver Pond Cty Forest

A gray morning with rain forecast. Last few times I drove here Kelley declined to get out of the car but today she decided the pond was a good idea.

Some wildflowers on the way down to the pond

This one had a bug peaking out


Kelley wasn't interested in a walk into the forest so I looked for pictures while she enjoyed the pond.

This was a new one for me

On the way up the hill

So, no hike except for the walk to the pond and back but Kelley seemed happy with that.