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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/31/17 City Forest

17 degrees, sun, no wind. We haven't been here in awhile because last time the trails were very icy.

Today packed snow with a few icy patches and a little glaze - not bad

Only a few pictures today because there were more people and dogs to greet than usual - though it was cold I think the sun got people out. We walked most of the first half with a man and his friendly dog and had a nice chat. When we got to the end of West Trail I thought we would return via the old rail bed and a side trail. Kelly didn't want to go that way so we came back the way we had come.

She had passed this by on the way out ( icy bank)  but couldn't resist the second time. Not much water but she got wet and had a nice drink. She could not come straight out and had to work around.

In spite of the cold a nice hike on a pretty day. Kelley did well. 2 hours

Monday, January 30, 2017

1/29/17 Snowmobile trail Along the Kenduskeag

 I have been a little under the weather and didn't feel like hiking or driving but my girl needed her exercise. This trail is only 3.5 miles from home. Sun and clouds, 32 degrees, and no wind

The trail was, again, in good condition and pretty. I was glad I got myself out.

Kelley soon found some muddy water

A little color

other than brown.

Even muddier water

Turned out well. Kelley did well and it was peaceful as we met no one. 1 1/2 hours 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

1/26/17 Snowmobile Trail Along the Kenduskeag

We have had 3 days of rain. sleet, freezing rain, and snow and just did short walks in the hood. This morning it was overcast but not raining so a hike was a must  but - lots of ice around - takes two or three tries to get up my drive. This trail is very near so easy to check out.

Gate at the start

What a great surprise no one had been on the trail recently and it was very firm and not icy. We were both very happy.

Acorn cap

Less ice in the stream

Kelley finds some water

and more

About where we turned around

We had met two snowmobilers so the track was no longer pristine but there was more water

Small stream we cross at start and finish

I was dreading hiking today and it turned out to be excellent. Kelley did very well  and we even got a little sun. 1  1/2 hours 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Glenburn Trails 1/22/17

Warmer than normal weather continues with unpredictable trail conditions - first try the trail started across a large field and most of the snow was gone. OK- Glenburn again. Thirty three degrees, cloudy, and no wind.

Snowmobile trail had a little recent use so the snow was packed but not glazed with ice.

A little color

Lancaster Brook  looked iffy

but snowmobiles had crossed so we did.

At the Kenduskeag it was less clear

and I could see running water so we passed and turned back.

Waiting again

A little more color

Heading back


Near the road Kelley found some muddy icy water. I badly overexposed the picture but had to have one water picture.

Turned out to be a pleasant hike. The woods were pretty and without wind the temp was comfortable. Very peaceful as we met no one. Kelley did very well, taking the lead at times.  1  1/2 hours 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

1/20/17 Demeritt Forest

32 degrees and cloudy but no wind. We got a little new snow yesterday which covered up the ice but in some spots making it slipperier. First thought was Perch Pond but at two trailheads we could not get into the parking areas because of snow left by the plows.  Next try was Demeritt which did have the parking area graded.

Starting on Logan Rd.the footing was not bad.

No water for Kelley - the little stream was frozen

Waiting while I take a picture

Sewall Rd.

We turned onto the Blue trail at this point to complete our circuit.

Blue Trail- the woods parts of the hike were a bit trickier because the trees reduced the amount of snow in spots and it was icier -but overall not bad

Not bad. Kelley did well but did not like the  icy patches and worked around some of them. When we got back to the car she was ready to stop and we did not go across the road to the river as we usually do. 1 1/4 hours 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/17/17 Harbor Brook

Still lots of ice around here making it difficult to find places to hike. Decided the best chance was back to Acadia and try Harbor Brook. It had been icy last time here but since then we did Little long Pond and found the trails there good.
Twenty three degrees and sunny with little wind.

Lots of ice in the stream

and some new blow downs - there were several other places Kelley had to find a way around.

The trails were in good shape with only a few tiny patches of ice.


The trail has some erosion problems and they are building some new sections.

Lots of ice pictures on the way

One of two bridges under construction- don't know where the trails will go but good news.

It was hard for Kelley, because of icy banks, to find places she could get in the water but she managed several times.

More ice

Another view of the stream

and a little color

A pretty good hike. It was comfortable and Kelley did well but it was more work for her than usual with the workarounds. 1  1/2 hours