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Sunday, January 1, 2017

12/31/16 Paul Bunyan Trail Along the Kenduskeag Stream

New snow, 17 degrees, sun, and no wind. Actually quite pleasant. Decided we wanted some place close and most of those have cross country skiers we didn't want to compete with. This trail is only a few miles from home and we seldom meet anyone on it though enough snowmobilers use it to provide a nice walking surface

This morning there had been no snowmobiles since the new snow but the crust was strong enough to support Kelley and  good for me under the new snow.

You can see here the track of a bike rider with large tires. We met him later in the hike.

Kenduskeag Stream

Kelley found a little water

Moving along

We came to a couple of downed trees we had to work through and that blocked snowmobiles. The other side of that were snowmobile tracks from when it was slush and the path was not as nice - frozen tread marks.

The stream from where we turned and headed back

More leaves

 Waiting, again, for me to take the picture.

Another plant against the snow

A nice hike on a beautiful day. Kelley did well and was happy with the firm surface. 2 hours 


  1. Sounds like a terrific start to the day.
    Beautiful sunshine and pretty pictures.
    Hope you two have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    1. Thanks Sue and the same to you.

  2. Wow, even with snow on the ground she like her water! It's good to see her enjoying herself and I'm sure that gives you much joy, too. The leaves you found are certain reminders that winter doesn't last forever!

    1. Thanks Betty - yes, she likes the water whenever. Winter here doesn't last forever - just a long time :)

  3. Happy New year to you and Kelley!


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