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Friday, December 30, 2016

12/29/16 City Forest

Twenty three degrees, cloudy, and snow predicted. We hadn't been to the forest in quite awhile ( Kelley got bored with it) so a nice close hike.

We started out on the West Trail which turned out to be very icy.

but Kelley found a small stream that was flowing

More ice

and another stream.

Not much color this time of year

When we got to the end of West Trail we went down to check the old rail bed. Sometime in the past someone had run a snowmobile down it and left us a nice firm snowy path. Decided to do our old loop even though didn't know the condition of the side trail we would need to get back to West and our car.

Another weed

Resting while I took the picture

Side trail proved to be in good shape with packed snow and very little ice.

Last years fern

Not much water but she'll take it.

Turned out better than expected after the icy start. The woods were pretty and we had more trail without ice than with ( Kelley doesn't like ice either)  . She did well though we didn't meet anyone on the trails ( we had seen a man in the parking lot). 2 hours


  1. I have a question - Kelley spends a lot of time in the water and then walking on the trails. What do you do with her when she gets home and she is wet and muddy? My daughter is having a hard time with her german shepherd who always seems to find the muddiest puddles to run thru and she is constantly washing him. Any tips? Thanks John.

    1. Kelley hates baths and runs if I try to give her one so she rarely gets one. She doesn't seem to get muddy very often and if she does I try to hit some clean water before we finish the hike. I have a blanket in the back seat over a plastic sheet. That soaks up some of the water while we drive home and then I towel her off when she gets out of the car. Sometimes she wants to stay in the car but when she gets out she lies in the sun and that finishes the drying. Best I can do with a stubborn girl.

    2. Thanks John. The plastic sheet and blanket in the car are great ideas! I'll pass that along.

  2. Lovely winter's walk! I heard Maine was getting tons of snow. Hope you are all surviving the snowstorm.

    1. Thanks Linda. Some parts of the state got a lot but we only got about 5 inches- wet and heavy but pretty.


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