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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12/ 20/16 Neighborhood Again

Minus nine degrees when we got up. Still lots of ice and heavily ice coated snow. Makes finding a good hiking spot difficult so when it warmed up to seven degrees we walked in the neighborhood. I let Kelley pick the route and she stayed in the streets rather than exploring yards as she normally does. We need more snow and less ice. We still walked for a little over an hour and that was good. I only took the camera from under my coat a couple of times.

Perhaps we will try Acadia tomorrow where it has been a few degrees warmer and maybe less ice.


  1. Nice ornament reflection capture!

  2. Ha-loved the "reflective" photo! How clever!

    Hope you get a good hike in today. We've been grounded from skiing or walking due to high winds. They're tough to take when it's cold out. Have a good day

    1. Thanks Sue - and we did have a good day today. Do you know the John Prine song with the line " send a child actor to the land of the wind chill factor" ?

    2. I hadn't heard that-but looked it up on YouTube. Nice. And what on earth did we do before Google and YouTube?

    3. We went to the library. looked in the card catalog, and then went to the shelves. I love being able to get information so quickly


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