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Monday, December 26, 2016

12/25/16 Harbor Brook

Thirty one and sunny but quite windy. Headed for this trail because the woods would protect us from the wind and there would be water for Kelley.

This turned out to be a challenging hike because there were many sections of ice and not always on the flat. I was glad to have had ice grippers in my pack.

But there was water for Kelley

and a couple of interesting stumps

The other challenges, lots of downed trees and brush and they had been working on the trail and didn't always leave off cleanly . Kelley had some large work arounds but she is good at them.

Part of the work involves new bog bridges. Kelley is wary of them, she was on this one but others she just walks beside.

A little more color

and one last dip

Not the hike we had envisioned but a nice challenge. Kelley did very well in spite of the work arounds and ice, which she didn't like either. I managed to not fall but had my eyes on my footing more than usually.  We also had the place to ourselves - who else would be out here? 1  1/2 hours 


  1. Beautiful scenery, especially the leaf encased in ice.

    1. Thank you Linda- the leaf was my favorite for the day

  2. I like the stump photos. The first one looks like a maple leaf.

    All our snow melted today.

    1. Thanks Kim I thought so too. Our snow will probably go tomorrow 43 degrees

  3. You found lots of goodies to photograph on this trip. Very nice. The top stump is my favorite.
    Glad you had a nice outing.
    We lost power (seems to be an annual Christmas event around here!) I call it having an old fashioned Christmas--candlelight and quiet.
    Happy New Year to you

    1. Thanks Sue In spite of the ice it was a pretty good hike. We lose power here too, because of ice- not lately though. The worst was several years ago - 7 days - we did blankets and candles and played game but that got old quickly. Happy new Year to you too.


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