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Saturday, April 30, 2016

4/29/16 Northern Pond

Twenty seven degrees when we got up but forty one and sunny when we started our hike - not bad.

We always go to the canoe launch first, for Kelley. Have never been here when we could follow the trail - other than the first set the logs are floating.

Still no wildflowers so it's old trees

And strange buds

Kelley is trying to decide how to proceed. She doesn't like the bog bridges but didn't like walking in the water - I think the bottom was very soft. She eventually walked the bridges.

In the shade there was thin ice left from last night's cold.

Northern Pond

Lots of water

The beaver dam

Looking the other way

More bog bridges on the way back

A good hike. Kelley did well and the trails were in good shape with only one downed tree I had to help her over - she hates me helping.
There was lots of water.  1  3/4 hours

Thursday, April 28, 2016

4/27/16 Sheepscot Headwaters

We took yesterday off - Kelley rested and I did garden stuff. Today is 40's but sunny and no wind, so not bad.

Still no wildflowers but a little snow left from yesterday

  and on the trail

With the long section of stone wall this is my favorite section of the trail

The wall along here is in better shape than most we see and I wonder if someone does a little maintenance.

Taking the lead

First chance for water - not much but ...

More water

A nice fungus.

A nice hike. Kelley did very well taking the lead at times and not lagging behind. The hike took a little longer than usual as there were several uncleared blow downs and some eroded sections that took time for work arounds.  2 hours 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4/25/16 DeMeritt Forest

Yesterday Kelley did not want to hike but today she was ok. I'm going to try hiking every other day. I think her age is starting to tell - she will be 9 in August.

Today - upper 40's but sunny with little wind so a pretty good day to be in the woods. Still no leaves on the trees or wildflowers and the light was very contrasty so not a good day for photos.

Freshly cut stump

First small stream

Parts of the trails were still pretty wet or muddy - no problem for Kelley.

Another stump

Taking an apple break. She eats quickly and so usually gets part of my half too.

Another wet section

Kelley did well and I let her choose parts of the route. She is definitely slower and I slowed to her pace - I naturally walk fast - and this seemed to work well. We had the place to ourselves so a nice peaceful hike. 1  3/4 hours

Sunday, April 24, 2016

4/23/16 Perch Pond

Mix of sun and clouds and upper 50's. Another nice day to be in the woods. Yesterday Kelley did not want to get in the car so we had a day off from hiking. I needed to get started on garden beds and got several ready for planting.

She had got in some small pools by the trail but the small pond was the first real water.

Could not find any wildflowers but did find some buds on trees. Unfortunately I did not do well with them - lots of distracting background and most out of focus.

Perch Pond- pretty but still not showing signs of spring.

There are only a few places Kelley can get into the pond because of shore conditions. Even here she needed help getting out.

 A spot where she could get in and out on her own

We met people with dogs and that got Kelley excited and they gave her some attention which pleased her.

Another wet spot on the trail

This bush had buds that looked like flowers and no leaves yet

From last year

Turned out well - the possible rain predicted did not materialize and it was the second shirt sleeve hike. Kelley was not especially energetic but did well without showing signs of wanting to quit. 1  3/4 hours 

Friday, April 22, 2016

4/21/16 Hills to Sea Trail

It's spring ! 55 degrees when we started and 65 at the end - first shirt sleeve hiking this year.

We had not done this section before. We started from the college which has it's own trails one of which coincides with  the Hills to Sea.

Still lots of water around

When we came to an intersection of trails and a snowmobile trail I did not see a blaze for our trail. We went on one section of the snowmobile trail which took us to a big field. We returned and this time took the Spruce Trail - that circled back to where we started. Next we took another fork of the snowmobile trail and eventually came to the spot where the trail we wanted crossed it.

Back on track - another section of wet trail

This section looked familiar - with fields on either side of a narrow strip of woods.

Next was a large field we had reached when we had hiked from the other end. Time to head back

When we came to the spot we had earlier picked up the trail we continued on the section we had not found near the start. It was well marked and I was curious as to where we would come out.

More water for Kelley


Old stump

When we got back to the college trails I saw where we had gone wrong and spotted the blaze I had missed - it was not in a direction I was expecting.

So, a mixed bag - confusion at the start and pretty wet trails but Kelley seemed to enjoy it - I think she likes new trails. Near the end  ( on the college trails) we met some women with dogs and that pleased Kelley. The weather had been great.  2 hours, including false starts.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

4/20/16 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

Sun and clouds - mid to upper 40's - nice day. Lots of Kelley pics.

We did our usual route to the two ponds. Still looks kind of wintry

Just a drink this time

 At Partridge

Partridge Pond pano - click for a larger image.

Partridge Pond  4-20-16

From the ledge you can see sticking out into the water in the pic above.

Reindeer Lichen

Wet spot in the trail

 Ducktail Pond

Small stream

Kelley did well today and seemed to enjoy herself - lots of water -and we met a group of nice people with dogs at the end of our hike and this pleased her too. 1  3/4 hours