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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/5/16 Snowmobile Trail Along the Kenduskeag

Twenties again but sun and little wind. Decided we would check out the nearby snowmobile trail we did several times this winter.

Not nearly as nice without snow

No ice left in the stream

Another section of trail

 The stream from near where we turned around.

Looking for water  - she did find a little but not here

This was interesting because of the contrast in conditions - it's also pleasant in summer when the trees have leaves and there are wildflowers. Kelley was less enthusiastic today - maybe just bored but we got in a hike. 1  1/2 hours.


  1. I just got in from a walk in the HEAVIEST snow I've experienced in 9 years here in Michigan.
    I was gone an hour and we racked up 4 inches in that time. This puts us at snow 5 out of the first 6 days of April. Bah humbug.
    I'm loving your sunny pics and GROUND. Oh heavenly!
    Glad you had such nice conditions

    1. Sorry to hear about your snow - we had a nice day today - 30's ,sunny, no wind but starting tonight we have a forecast of several days of rain and or snow. I guess we will skip spring and go directly to summer

  2. I'll bet you're happy to see the snow all gone.

    1. Yes, may get a small amount tonight and later in the week. Today was sunny. 30's - great weather


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