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Friday, April 22, 2016

4/21/16 Hills to Sea Trail

It's spring ! 55 degrees when we started and 65 at the end - first shirt sleeve hiking this year.

We had not done this section before. We started from the college which has it's own trails one of which coincides with  the Hills to Sea.

Still lots of water around

When we came to an intersection of trails and a snowmobile trail I did not see a blaze for our trail. We went on one section of the snowmobile trail which took us to a big field. We returned and this time took the Spruce Trail - that circled back to where we started. Next we took another fork of the snowmobile trail and eventually came to the spot where the trail we wanted crossed it.

Back on track - another section of wet trail

This section looked familiar - with fields on either side of a narrow strip of woods.

Next was a large field we had reached when we had hiked from the other end. Time to head back

When we came to the spot we had earlier picked up the trail we continued on the section we had not found near the start. It was well marked and I was curious as to where we would come out.

More water for Kelley


Old stump

When we got back to the college trails I saw where we had gone wrong and spotted the blaze I had missed - it was not in a direction I was expecting.

So, a mixed bag - confusion at the start and pretty wet trails but Kelley seemed to enjoy it - I think she likes new trails. Near the end  ( on the college trails) we met some women with dogs and that pleased Kelley. The weather had been great.  2 hours, including false starts.


  1. Wow-nice temps. So glad for you. It's about time.
    I still don't know how ya do it without getting completely lost. Perhaps Kelley keeps you on track?
    Have a great weekend

    1. Hi Sue- she is good at following trails but this time there were several choices and we had not gone this way before.

  2. Glad you are getting some springlike weather!

    1. Thanks for commenting Linda- long time coming


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