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Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/30/16 Tanglewood

Sunny and 40's when we started and 50 when we finished - lovely day. Kelley was hesitant about getting in the car but we have several days of rain forecast and even snow so I wanted to get in a hike. She can lay around tomorrow.

No snow or ice

but there was water

Quite a bit on some sections

The trail crosses a small stream

When we reached the river we found the water was higher than usual and flowing strongly - Kelley likes calm water.

  and she was able to find some

We walked the River Trail until we came to a stream crossing that barred our way - usually we can get across here

We headed the other way on the trail

Parts of the river were much calmer

Once again we came to a place in the trail I didn't not want to cross - water deeper than tops of my  boots but Kelley got in.

One more river view before we turned back into the woods toward the parking area.

A nice hike - beautiful weather and, once again, we had the place to ourselves. Kelley did well once we got on the trail. 1  3/4 hours 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/16 Walden Park

Rained most of yesterday and supposed to be rain and snow today. It was snowing very lightly and in the lower 30's when we decided to try a get in a hike at nearby Walden.

Kelley quickly  found water

There was a dusting of snow on the loop trail but it was mostly just wet.

Which was fine with kelley

We took a side trail (added to map)  to the old railbed and walked that to a pond

The pond was overfull and flowed across the trail. Kelley doesn't like rushing water and I could not cross without wet feet and perhaps a fall, so we turned back.

Ambitious beaver - the tree is at least 18 " in diameter

We took another side trail a short distance to a stream I knew we could not cross ( it's possible when frozen ) but that Kelley would like.

Then back to walk the railbed to the other side of the Loop Trail

Reflection along the railbed

Little snow but still wintry looking

One more stream - I'm on the small bridge

This worked out Ok. The rain held off and the snow was very light and wet. Kelley had lots of water opportunities and it was peaceful. We met no one but saw the tracks of one person who had preceded us on the loop part. 1  1/2 hours

Monday, March 28, 2016

3/27/16 Sunkhaze

Cloudy start in the 30's. Kelley had to be coaxed into the car but it's supposed to rain the next two days so wanted to get in a little hike.

Still a fair amount of snow

The beaver pond was still mostly frozen  - Kelley wanted me to go out on the ice but it's not that thick. We were starting to get some sun.

She did find some water at the edge of the pond.

Contemplating a bridge

She found water along the trail

The cedar swamp - my favorite part of this hike.

Waiting for me to take a picture

Almost back.

As we neared the parking lot we met four people and their dog and socialized a bit. Kelley likes to meet people more than other dogs. Kelley did well once we got moving and it was a nice hike 1 1/4 hour 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

3/26/16 Hills to Sea

Yesterday was freezing rain so we stuck to the neighborhood. Today's forecast was for 40's and sunny - we got 20's and clouds. After all the rain, I wanted a trail that wouldn't be too wet ( for me) so we decided on this which we had only done once before. Extra trail pictures because not many posted of this trail. Could not find a good map- 11 is Hills to Sea and 10 is Dave Rock

First surprise was amount of snow they still had - it's mostly gone at home.

The snow and much of the vegetation still had an ice coating.

An old stone wall

More of the trail

When we reached 137 there was a little water

Heading back

Another piece of wall

Because there had been so little water on the trail I decided we would go a short distance on the Dave Rock which has a nice stream

A small stream first

When we got to the pretty stream, Kelley did like the access

 so we looked for a better spot

Turned out well. Kelley was enthusiastic and did not seem bothered by the crusty snow. She was ahead much of the way. 1  3/4 hours