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Sunday, March 6, 2016

3/5/16 Little Long Pond

Upper 20's and sunny but quite windy, making it feel colder. It's been hard to find good trail conditions so we returned to the pond. My idea was to just walk the carriage roads as I have a sore back.

We parked at the east end of the pond and found it frozen.

So we headed off down the carriage road - Kelley's ears were flying in the wind.

 Just some ice

When we came to the first trail off the carriage road, Kelley wanted to take it and we did. This took us to the Jordan Stream, There was open water in the stream but ice along the banks which Kelley usually won't cross.

I broke away ice so she could get in

But then there was the matter of getting out - looking for a spot.

I finally had to help her out and we headed back on the west side Trail.

A small stream that crossed the trail

When we got back to the pond Kelley checked again but it remained frozen. We met two nice women and their dog and chatted about trails before heading for the car. I was cold much of the hike, though it was better in the woods - Kelley, of course, was unaffected by the cold but disappointed that so much of the water  was frozen. she did well. 1  3/4 hours 


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