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Thursday, March 24, 2016

3/23/16 Marsh Island

Mid 30's and cloudy, We hadn't been here in awhile and it's close to home.

We started from the end of Penobscot Street and there had been several people on the trails but it wasn't long until they were unmarked.

Kelley always goes into this small stream but today was put off by the snow on the banks  and gave it a pass.

The Penobscot was high with a fairly stiff current, which Kelley does not like, so she stayed next to the bank.

Tracks we cross to get to the river section.

Heading back

A dreary day and these trails are not as nice as they used to be. They are building house in one section - we don't go there anymore, and there has been a small amount of timber cutting. But Kelley didn't seem to mind and did well. 1  1/4 hour 


  1. Looks like it's still very much winter where you live.

    1. Hi Linda - low 20's this morning with snow showers forecast-

  2. Always a shame when places get built on that were once "wild". Loved the leaves in the snow photo. Hope your weather gets more springlike.
    Still snowing here. Blech....

    1. Thanks Sue - two gray days and tonight is supposed to be snow and sleet with freezing rain and then freezing rain and rain tomorrow. Yuk

  3. It will be a lot better once the snow and ice go away..always happy to see Kelley photos!

    1. Thanks penbayman - this has been a hard one for us.


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