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Thursday, March 10, 2016

3/9/16 Walden Parke

Forties and hazy sun with rain predicted. We picked nearby Walden to get in a hike before the rain ( which never happened) . A friend had said the trails were in not bad shape and at the start they were clear.

This clump looked like it might be starting to green ( wishful thinking ?)

When we got on the north part of the loop it was mostly clear but there were sections of ice - but snow to walk on along the sides

The old rail bed was mostly clear at the start

 and Kelley found water

but some sections still  had ice.

a little color

Kelley wanted to take a side trail  and on it found some nice water

I wasn't sure where the trail went but we came out on the snowmobile trail along the easement and then took another side trail back to the loop. This section was in good shape.

Another bit of color.

This turned out well. Any ice was easily got around, Kelley seemed happy and did well - she was disappointed when several places she usually gets in the water were still frozen. We met a man and his dog but otherwise had it to ourselves  1  1/2 hours 


  1. It looks like the snow is slowly disappearing--easier for Kelley to take a swim! The fungus you found is quite interesting and very pretty, as is your other photos.

    1. Thank you Betty - we got less snow than usual this winter but had lots of ice. On today's hike (not yet posted) both ponds were still frozen.

  2. I'm surprised you still have ice and snow. Ours is all gone.

    Love the fungus photo.

    1. Thanks kim- we have had weird weather all winter - warm days alternate with snow days.


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