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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3/14/16 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

Thirties and mostly sunny - predicted to cloud up. Didn't know if we would get in here or not. Two weeks ago we found the two mile road in icy and didn't try it because we once spent an afternoon getting towed out. Today there was no ice on the road but it was muddy and rutted.

The trail however was in good shape.

and there was water beside the trail

When we turned off toward Partridge we encountered more ice but only one big patch

The pond was mostly frozen

but for the end where a stream flows out of it

Enough for Kelley

There is a shallow spot in the stream where we cross to a nice ledge for our apple break

I broke some of the thin ice by the shore and Kelley went in very briefly - she didn't care for the ice.

We headed back down the trail to Ducktail. It too was mostly still frozen

but also has a stream flowing out of the end

with water for kelley

On the way back - another bridge she won't use.

One last dip

A nice hike.  Kelley did well and seemed to like it. 1  3/4 hours


  1. Looks like things are beginning to thaw out where you live. I'm sure that makes Kelley very happy.

    1. Yes, finally and Kelley was happy - she has been disappointed lately to find everything frozen

  2. I don't think I'd like that bridge either!

    Love the big boulders/rocks in the one shot of Kelley in the water. Beautiful. Granite?

    1. Thanks Sue - yes granite - lots of that kind of ledge here in Maine.

  3. That bridge does look a bit precarious! As always, I enjoy your photos of your hikes and of Kelley enjoying herself!
    You asked me if I'm always on the road...this February was very busy travelling (hence, all the photos!), but normally, I'm a homebody with just an occasional day trip :)

    1. Thanks for your comments. Kelley doesn't like the gaps so there are some bridges she will use and others not.


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