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Monday, March 28, 2016

3/27/16 Sunkhaze

Cloudy start in the 30's. Kelley had to be coaxed into the car but it's supposed to rain the next two days so wanted to get in a little hike.

Still a fair amount of snow

The beaver pond was still mostly frozen  - Kelley wanted me to go out on the ice but it's not that thick. We were starting to get some sun.

She did find some water at the edge of the pond.

Contemplating a bridge

She found water along the trail

The cedar swamp - my favorite part of this hike.

Waiting for me to take a picture

Almost back.

As we neared the parking lot we met four people and their dog and socialized a bit. Kelley likes to meet people more than other dogs. Kelley did well once we got moving and it was a nice hike 1 1/4 hour 


  1. Glad you didn't heed Kelley's wish to cross the ice---nothing like a dunk in an icy pond to ruin an outing.

    1. Hi Sue - my worry was Kelley falling through and not being able to get out - then me being wet and cold


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