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Sunday, February 26, 2017

2/26/17 Downtown

Rained much of yesterday and cooled off today. Still lots of mushy snow around and ice. Decided to try downtown which we had not done in some time. Most of the walks were clear but there were still patches of ice to work around. Mix of sun and clouds and 37 degrees, but a strong wind made it feel colder.

As usual. I let Kelley pick the route and, of course, she headed for the river- good memory or maybe scent because it is several blocks from where we started.

The Penobscot was still mostly frozen

but there was an open patch next to the bridge so she could get wet.

The Kenduskeag Stream looks like it is starting to break up

A short walk of 45 minutes but at least we got out and stretched our legs. Hoping for better future weather.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

2/24/17 City Forest Attempt

Since we had done a short hike yesterday and the sun was shinning I drove over to City Forest to see if we could get in another short one and maybe there would be water for Kelley in the beaver pond.

The big meadow had lost enough snow that it looked pretty good, Once we got onto it,  the snow depth varied but still a fair amount - and mushy.

Once we topped the hill I could see the pond was still frozen

  but we went down to it thinking about doing some of the trails

Kelley was not interested in going further

So we gave it up and went home.

Friday, February 24, 2017

2/23/17 Along the Kenduskgeag

Cloudy and 35 degrees. First trail we checked had had no use so went back to this trail.

Still lots of snow

but the trail had some use and the footing was good.

This spot in the stream does not freeze over though above it and below the ice covers the stream

Kelley was not enthusiastic today and never took the lead so I decide to do a short one today.

Nearly back and she is still behind- usually speeds up when she sees the end. The sky is trying to clear.

We only did an hour but it was pleasant with easy walking and we had it to ourselves. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2/21/17 Glenburn Snowmobile Trail

Still lots of snow so snowmobile trails still our best chance. 25 degrees and sunny- a pretty day.

There had been lots of activity over the weekend so the snow was well packed with excellent footing. This part of the trail starts off across a large field. Today  only one snowmobile passed us - here at the start.

Into the woods

A section with dead trees. We tried to hike this in summer and found this section very wet - water had killed the trees - probably the work of beavers.

This time the trail had been used where it turns toward and we went a short distance along it before stopping for an apple break and then  turned back. I didn't want Kelley to over do it.

Heading back

This was an early ( first? ) school in Glenburn. Now full of junk.

In sight of the car and Kelley stopped. She sometimes does this because she doesn't want to stop but today I think she was tired.

Nice hike on a pretty day. Kelley did well. 1 3/4 hours

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2/19/17 Little Long Pond

Beautiful sunny Sunday - 45 degrees. Thought the snowmobile trails would be too busy and so decided to check out Acadia where we have not been in awhile. Both the Eliot Mt.and Harbor Brook trails had had no use and there was also no place to park - lot's of snow here too.  That left  the pond. As soon as we started Kelley took off for the pond. It was not much used  and the pond was frozen.  It was a bit of a struggle for her to get back.

 No one had been on the trail at the bottom of the pond so that left the carriage road on the east side of the pond. There had been some use by skiers and walkers and the footing on the narrow path was not bad for me and pretty good for Kelley. After her trip to the pond she was not excited about continuing but did well once I coaxed her to follow me and she realized the footing was OK.

 The frozen pond

The footing became less firm the farther we went as there had been less traffic. We met a man with two dogs who said it got softer ahead and that he thought it was much better on the pond ( he was on snow shoes) .   We went a bit farther and when I saw his tracks I started toward the pond. Kelley sat down and said, "no way". She was right too much snow. At that point I decided, though we hadn't gone all that far, we should just head back.

Almost back

A pretty  day and though we only walked an hour ( it felt like more) we got a little exercise . Kelley got to meet a few people and dogs which made her happy. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2/17/17 Snowmobile Trails From Dover-Foxcroft

Sunshine and 26 degrees. Still deep snow and the first two trails we went to had had no activity so I made the 35 mile drive to Dover-Foxcroft where the trails usually get lots of use. There were a lot of sleds at the Irving on Rte, 15 where we parked (gassing up) . I was afraid we were going to be overwhelmed but  once we got on the trail we met no one until we were back to Rte. 15 at the end of our hike.

Starting out the trail had been groomed and used so we had good footing.

There is a bridge at the start crossing the Piscataquis River  - looking north

We soon came to a side trail that had been groomed but not yes used.

At the start Kelley had acted like she didn't want to hike and I made her continue. Once she  got moving she became enthusiastic and took the lead most of the time.

When I decide we had gone far enough, Kelley wanted to on - I don't think she understands the return will be as long as the leg out but we continued. When we came to this large field overlooking the town I insisted and we headed back.

The river looking south

This turned out to be the nicest hike in awhile. The woods had been beautiful and we had them to ourselves.  Kelley did very well and when she slowed near the ens I knew we were right to turn when we did.  1 3/4 hours

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/15/17 Trail Along the Kenduskeag

We had sun yesterday but no one had used this trail so it was no go. This morning it's cloudy and 12 degrees and there have been a few users so we gave it a try.

It was quite soft for me and a real slog but  Kelley was mostly supported. Since we hadn't got any real exercise in days I decided to slog on.  After a bit Kelley did not want to go on and we turned at this point to return.

Weed of the day

Heading back. Kelley had not taken the lead until we were almost back.

A bit of color

A tiring little excursion due to the deep snow but we got 3/4 hour exercise. It was fairly pleasant otherwise because in spite of the cold there was no wind and it was pretty.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2/13/17 Blizzard

We woke up to good amount of snow and a lot of wind. Kelley was anxious to get out in it so I let her outside and she would not come in.

So we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Back up the drive.

Kelley decides again to stay outside.

Later - our tracks are almost gone but you can still see our mailbox- it was completely under snow in the morning after the road was plowed.

In the afternoon the snow was 30" deep on front deck from the wind and drifting

This morning we did a short walk before I cleared the drive.

I think the official level for Bangor was 24 inches but it was much deeper in our drive due to drifting. Some parts of the state got much more.